Our 20 Visions for 2020


Brief Synopsis

Example of How We Address

Importance of the Arts Recognized

People realize the importance of the arts in enriching education and providing a variety of academic and personal growth benefits.

Discussions and reflections emphasizing the impact of art

Total Well-Being Promoted

Total well-being focused on the physical, mental, emotional, and soulful realms is promoted through the arts.

Information presented on the four realms of health and how the arts contribute to well-being

Importance of Embracing the Moments Emphasized

People recognize the importance of embracing the moments of life and making each moment count.

Reflections shared

Artistic Achievement Celebrated

People commemorate the legacies of those leaders who have created positive impacts and celebrate their artistic achievements.

Legend Ledger and Artist Birthday Wishes

Quality Education for All Made Accessible

Every student who desires quality education is able to receive assistance regardless of economical background.

Free educational and motivational resources and support made available

Confidence and Motivation Increased

Students cultivate their confidence and motivation in academics and altruism as they develop a “can do” perspective.

Workshops and conferences that focus on academic and leadership skills and strategies

Awareness Heightened

Awareness of issues that many people are facing is heightened, and people begin to address these issues with greater understanding and compassion.

Content/Information on website and at events contributed by leaders around the globe

Communication Enhanced

Communication and understanding are expanded as people share their perspectives and participate in a number of projects.

Projects and Surveys

Self-Discovery Promoted

People embrace their inner songs, become more in touch with who they are, and develop love and value for themselves.

Online content and reflections; Enrichment conferences

Individuality Valued

Appreciation for one’s unique attributes is enhanced and people, individually, begin to realize the importance that they make in contributing to positive change in society.

Online content and seminars

Inspiration Welcomed

People are encouraged to embrace their artistic creativity and individuality as these qualities are key inspiring others.

Visual Arts and Creative Writing Contests

Positive Action Prioritized

Acts of love, kindness, compassion, and inclusion are prioritized in society and lead people to realize that they are valued and cared for.

Articles and suggested activities which emphasize acts of goodness

Encouragement Fostered through Positive Words

People are encouraged to persevere and live their best lives through inspirational words that uplift them, as well as to lift others up through their kind words.


Effective Support Increased

The establishment of effective support networks are increased so that people realize that they are not alone in the battles that they are confronting.

Networking through such programs as Peer Mentorship and EASE

Importance of Living One’s Legacy Emphasized

People are encouraged to reflect upon what types of legacy they would like to leave, inspired to leave legacies that would make lasting positive impacts, and motivated to form goals which contribute to legacies that would better society.

Inspirational content contributed by leaders around the globe

Dreams Developed

People pursue their constructive dreams with drive and determination.

Leadership discussions

Vision and Unity Promoted

Vision for positive impact in society is elevated as people share their ideas for advancement and unity is promoted.

Vision4Impact Festivals

Habits for Constructive Participation Developed

Habits for participation in creating positive impacts are developed as people are encouraged to take proactive roles.

To-Do List

Constructive Collaboration Heightened

People are encouraged to work together in order to find effective solutions that would advance progress within today’s society.

Collaborative projects

Altruism and Advancement Emphasized in Education

Instructors integrate inspirational content that stresses the importance of altruism and advancement through positive engagement into the curriculum.

Curriculum resources and activities