2020 Vision4Impact Inspiration Gala

Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC is pleased to announce that we are hosting a Vision4Impact Inspiration Gala for established artists and other leaders in Los Angeles, California. This will be a time of unity in which attendees will gather to share their vision for constructive advancement in society and draw inspiration from one another. We would like for you to join us in supporting an inspirational event in which vision for improved quality of life is emphasized through the merging of education and the arts. Our goal involves creating an unforgettable evening in which attendees know that they are very much valued and appreciated. Additionally, the gala will feature a special lighting ceremony in which attendees celebrate the lives of many great leaders whose physical presence on Earth has been immensely missed within the past few decades but whose legacies continue to live and whose positive impacts remain far-reaching. This will be a beautiful time of reflection on the past and vision for the future as we unite to commemorate many who have paved the ways in creating change and inspiring people globally. Through motivational discussions, performances, activities, fine dining, and a special lighting ceremony, we will welcome the second decade of the 21st century with vision, appreciation, and readiness to make this an impactful decade in which such fundamental ingredients to growth as love, kindness, compassion, and inclusion are prioritized; positive engagement is promoted; and the quality of life is enhanced. If you would like to be a part of this amazing evening, please contact us. Also, please note that we have many sponsorship packages available if your organization would be interested in being a sponsor of this gala. We appreciate your time and consideration.

Contact Us

If you would prefer to contact us via email, we can be reached at leaders@inspire4alifetime.com. Thank-you.