2Love4th Leadership Camp and 2020 Vision4Impact Festival Participation Opportunities

Below are a variety of participation opportunities which we currently have available for people wishing to participate within our upcoming 2Love4th Leadership Camp and 2020 Vision4Impact Festival. Please contact us at leaders@inspire4alifetime.com if you and/or your family would like to participate in these events in any of the following ways or in a different capacity. Thank-you.

Scheduled Festivities

Participation Opportunities

2Love4th Leadership Camp and 2020 Vision4Impact Festival Assorted Festivities

Please Note: Each camp day’s festivities will feature different topics.
Topics Include:
Being and Loving Yourself
Extending Love & Kindness
Addressing Racism, Stigmatization, and Bullying
Celebrating Diversity, Unity, and Inclusion
Raising Mental Health Awareness
Persevering Through Life’s Journey
Promoting Health and Safety
Prioritizing Altruism and Activism
Sharing Your Vision to Enrich the Quality of Life
Cultivating Progress Through Citizenship
Taking Care of the Earth and Earth’s Inhabitants
Understanding the Importance of Continual and Engaged Learning
Transcending Boundaries through the Arts & Education
Establishing Lasting Legacies
Demonstrating Quality Leadership

Host: Host a camp festivity and/or a segment of the 2020 Vision4Impact Festival.

Video Presentations: Create a video or host a presentation about the topic in which you discuss what the topic means to you, why you are passionate about the topic, and/or what measures you would like to see taken in order to bring awareness to the topic.

Performances: Create a work of art focused on conveying a message correlating to the topic. Original musical performances, dances, skits, puppet shows, literary readings or any other form of art which you have created are encouraged. Also encouraged is family participation. If your family members would like to share a work of art that they have created, then we would be honored to include their work in the camp and/or festival. This can be done live during the event or be submitted to us through videos or pictures.

Articles or Other Literary Work: Create an article about the topic. Please note, you may also choose to write a monthly article about the topic for inclusion on our site. If your family members, such as children, have created a story or other literary work with a message correlating to the topic, we would love to include it in the camp and/or festival.

Questions and Answers: Generate a list of questions that you have for camp and/or festival attendees regarding the topic and/or be willing to join a panel or host a live chat and answer questions that camp and/or festival attendees have for you regarding the topic.

Polls and Surveys: Create questions about the topic that you would like to see included in polls and surveys.

Puzzles and Games: Create a game or puzzle themed around the topic or participate in a game.

Recipes: Share a family recipe that camp attendees can make to comfort them or lift their spirits.

Arts and Crafts Project: Share an arts and crafts project that you and/or your family members have created focused on the topic.

Demonstrative Video: Create a video or host a live stream about a fun skill that camp and/or festival attendees can learn. Videos should correlate to the topic for which they are intended.

Interviews: Interview your family members about the topic or have them interview you. This can be done either live during the event or submitted to us as a video.

Challenges: Introduce a challenge about the topic that can be presented to fans or participate in a challenge and send your response to us.

To-Do Lists: Create a To-Do List to which camp and/or festival attendees can refer for suggested actions correlating to the topic.

Charity Support: Suggest a charity that supports the topic and discuss why you are passionate about supporting the charity. Let camp and/or festival attendees know how they can support the charity through financial and/or non-financial means.

Vision 4 Progress: Create a vision board about what changes you would like to see with regards to the topic. We encourage you to involve participation from your family.

Words of Inspiration: Share an encouraging word, note, or letter for camp and/or festival attendees through video, photo, or written response. Even just a few words could make a significant difference in someone’s life. Positive messages are welcomed in any language.

Fitness with Friends

Help campers to get fit by hosting a workout session and/or addressing the topic of fitness.

Game Grit

Host or participate in a friendly game competition featuring sports, trivia, or a variety of other themes.

Light The Sky After-Parties on Select Nights

Light the Sky After-Parties will be times of unity as participants enjoy music and dancing and reflect upon topics of inspiration. If you are interested in hosting an after-party, would like to be a DJ for the event, and/or would like to participate in any other way, please let us know.

Special Events

Note: If you and/or your family would like to host or participate in any of the special events, then we would be honored to have your assistance.

Glow With Me Opening Event will be an exciting virtual all-night event featuring music and dancing, performances, competitions, and a variety of other engaging activities aimed at inspiring people to come together and have fun.

The By Your Side Love & Kindness Rally will feature music, skits, and other creative expressions, as well as engaging discussions, motivational messages, and reflections of personal experiences, and is intended to promote unity and inspiration while addressing such topics as eradicating racism, stigmatization, and bullying. Participants are encouraged to discuss these topics, as well as additional topics which focus on the extension of love and kindness, and to share messages of perseverance through a variety of artistic outlets and/or conversations.

My Rockin’ World Talent Show, Fashion Show, and Cultural Celebration will be a festive event aimed at helping people to embrace their creativity and individuality, honor their heritage, and shine like the stars that they are. During this event, participants are encouraged to showcase their talents, including those which they may not normally share; pose or show images of fashions that express their unique attributes and/or cultural attire via a virtual fashion show; and share music, recipes, traditions, and activities from around the world. Please note that we are also looking for judges who can provide positive and constructive feedback for the talent show portion of this event.

Val-You Fest will be a virtual mini-fest designed to promote the four realms of well-being (physical, mental, emotional, soulful) and encourage attendees to take a proactive role in advocating and practicing health and safety. We encourage participants to share what measures they take in feeling their best and tending to their well-being through the sharing of a variety of activities, performances, nutritious recipes, motivational messages, and more.

Givetures Night of Giving will be an extraordinary event intended to inspire people through outward expressions of love and kindness and to celebrate that gestures of love and kindness, no matter how great or small, can make a world of difference. This event will include such features as giveaways and opportunities to give back to communities.

Care Over Chaos Rally will be an energized event to discuss the importance of creating lasting positive impacts through civic engagement. Such topics as the importance of voting and of selecting representatives who prioritize care, rather than chaos, will be addressed.

Champions Care Celebration will be an event designed to help heighten the excitement of participants in taking proactive measures regarding caring for the Earth and Earth’s inhabitants. Through music, performances, skits, vision boards, and other artistic outlets, participants will have the opportunities to share their visions about improving the quality of life through activism and discuss the urgency of taking action.

The Rel8ive Arts Expo and El8ed Learning Game Night will be an evening purposed to inspire people through the power of the arts and education. Participants are encouraged to not only share how they both relate to and express themselves through art and how art has helped them along their journeys but also engage in a variety of challenges, competitions, and other activities and games designed for families and individuals.

Murals of Love Lighting Ceremony will be a reflection of love and light dedicated to honoring the precious lives of those who have paved the paths to progress and served as inspirations. Participants are encouraged to join us in lighting candles to honor the enduring legacies of those who have passed and to share how the legacies have inspired them through a variety of artistic expression, as well as discussions.

2020 Vision4Impact Festival will be a festival prioritizing love, kindness, compassion, support, and inclusion. Within this event, a variety of leaders will come together to help attendees recognize that they are able to accomplish their ambitions, heighten encouragement in regards to their ability to share their visions of a better world, increase their motivation in being proactive in creating change, and celebrate the strides that can be achieved when people stand united in their visions to create positive impacts through the arts and education. Participants are encouraged to share their visions with regards to such critical matters as effectively addressing racism, stigmatization, and bullying. More information regarding this event can be found by clicking here.

Spirit Rally & Challenges

Host a spirit rally in which campers are motivated to get excited about and participate in the theme of the day.

Team-Building Exercises

Suggest a team-building exercise and/or host a session in which you help campers to develop collaborative skills through a team-building exercise.

Scheduled Festivities

Participation Opportunities

Call 2 Crafting

Suggest an arts & crafts project and/or host an arts & crafts creativity session.

Cre8ed2Love Unity Projects

Suggest a unity project that correlates to a daily theme and/or host a live session in which the project is discussed. Discuss a vision that you are passionate about with campers and how campers can help contribute to the vision.

Creativity Connections

Host a creativity session in which you help campers to develop a skill or work on a project.

Scheduled Festivities

Participation Opportunities

A Symphony of Ingredients

Help inspire campers to get creative with everyday ingredients while sharing an original meal or recipe.

Dining & Dreaming

Share an original recipe from your kitchen and/or host a session in which you share a meal with campers.

Poppin’ Nutrition

Share an original nutritious recipe from your kitchen featuring poppin’ ingredients or a poppin’ technique.

Scheduled Festivities

Participation Opportunities

Adventurers Embark Reading Club

Recommend a book for campers to read and/or host a reading session for campers featuring a Q&A session.

Around-the-World Exploration

Help campers go on a virtual journey where they discover more about the lands, history, culture, or other topic associated with world studies.

El Ritmo del Español

Host a Spanish session for campers in which they practice using the language and/or learn more about the culture.

Fun with Science

Suggest a science experiment and/or host a science session in which you lead campers in a science experiment.

Independent Study & Puzzles

Share your expertise in a subject of your choice and/or host a mentoring session in which you inspire students to be excited about their academics.

Learning Q&As

Participate in a Q&A session with questions that you choose from those submitted by campers.

Math Mappings: Games & Competitions

Create an engaging math project or puzzle for campers and/or host a math competition.

STEAM Beyond the Horizons

Suggest a STEAM project in which campers can participate and/or host a motivational STEAM session.

Stellar Studies Prep Trivia

Suggest some trivia questions and/or host a trivia session in which you ask campers a variety of engaging and informative questions.

Writing4AVision Workshops

Share a message about brainstorming and embracing creativity and/or host a writing or music workshop.

Scheduled Festivities

Participation Opportunities

Love & Leadership Discussions

Host a leadership session which can assist campers in developing leadership skills.

Strive 4 Excellence Sessions

Teach a lesson on striving for excellence and what actions can be implemented to work towards goals.

Welcoming a New Day

Send a video or note with an encouraging message to start out the day and/or host a motivational session.