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AcadreamicsIn correlation with our goals of providing educational and leadership resources through the 2Strive4th Program, the Acadreamics section of the program focuses on being able to assist people in fulfilling their dreams through such academic opportunities as our Strive4Learning Online Classes. Click here to learn more information.

About the 2Strive4th Program

Strive is not only the way that we press forth through life, but it is also the way that we embrace life, dare to dream, and take the initiatives to achieve our ambitions. As a quality that centers on who we are and who we want to become, strive plays a significant role in creating our legacies. Long after the test of time, great leaders are remembered for their strive – the way that they approached their days on Earth, the feats that they accomplished, and the positive impact that they created. Without strive, time is just time, but with strive, time is an opportunity to create inspiring legacies that will remain strong throughout the generations. While strive is an inherent quality that stems from within people who choose to possess and nurture it, there are key ingredients that can foster strive, such as passion, confidence, and self-esteem, and the development of such key ingredients can be assisted through positive action taken. One of our primary goals at Inspire 4 A Lifetime is to create an environment in which people are inspired to develop their strive through action embarked upon and through encouragement provided. Consequently, as part of our 2Strive4th program, we emphasize key areas that we believe can serve as invaluable assets as people cultivate their strive. These areas are focused on Studying, Training, Reaching, Inspiring, Venturing, and Enduring. Please read below to discover how we believe that each of these areas can serve beneficially in helping people to create lasting legacies through developing strive.

To study is to invest one’s self in learning the skills and strategies that are needed to successfully achieve ambitions. Studying is the key to acquiring knowledge and understanding. It not only helps people to see what essential ingredients are needed in creating and implementing goals, but it also can expand people’s perspectives in regards to effectively addressing the internal and external needs found along the pathways of life. Through the area of study, Inspire 4 A Lifetime seeks to help people develop their study skills and maximize the benefits that can be reaped when people devote time to their studies. As learning is a continual process that spans a lifetime, the study resources made available through this area of the program can be accessed by people of various ages who desire to expound upon their study techniques.

While studying is key to acquiring knowledge and understanding, the information and skills attained through studying must be applied effectively in order to create significant impact. Training is the process by which one takes the resources acquired from the process of studying and practices applying them through actions embarked upon. Training involves developing the strategies needed to achieve ambitions with heightened success. Just as studying is a process that can span a lifetime, training is also a non-ending journey. Through this area of the program, various resources will aim at assisting people as they expound upon information which they have acquired, enhance their skills, and develop strategies for creating positive impact through action.

Reach is imperative as it provides the way in which studying and training can be cultivated with greater potential of success. Reach is the process through which people are able to more effectively relate to others and is needed in such realms as guiding others in developing knowledge and understanding. Through reach, the pathways of communication are heightened and the sense of purpose is often deepened. Within this area of the program, Inspire 4 A Lifetime seeks to assist people as they help others remain engaged and focused on the paths towards achieving their goals.

Inspiration is the ability to shine light on not only one’s own life but on the lives of others by providing love, kindness, support, and encouragement. Inspiration is significant in helping people develop the drive to strive. This area of the program will focus on the essential need of inspiration as well as offer a variety of opportunities through which people may choose to engage in brightening the paths for others and themselves as they continue to press towards their ambitions.

Venture is the catalyst to strive because it involves the discovery of oneself and the realization of the footprint that one wants to create in this world, the exploration of one’s possibilities, and the courage to dream. Through venture, people embark on journeys to reach their ambitions, set and implement goals, and embrace life. Venture often involves passion as people determine what it is that excites them and what they would like their legacies to reflect. Within this section of the program, Inspire 4 A Lifetime will offer a variety of resources aimed at helping people to dare to be themselves, to dream, and to live courageously as they consider the impact that they desire to create through their unique legacies and contemplate the ingredients necessary for venturing with success.

Strive, when partnered with inspiration, has the power to create lasting legacies which continue to help people draw strength and remain perseverant despite life’s perpetual ups and downs.