Inspire 4 A Lifetime is a company which is comprised of a team of such leaders as educators and artists who have had the opportunity to work with students around the country and are passionate about making a positive impact in society. We are dedicated to the arts and education, and we seek to bring hope and optimism to people. It is our desire that, as people view and interact with our website, as well as attend our events, they realize that they are able to persevere through the storms of their lives and continue striving to accomplish their ambitions. We believe that the arts often contain powerful messages of positivity to which many people can relate. We, additionally, believe that education can be heavily influenced by the arts, as the arts are often key components that are able to open pathways of communication, as well as assist people in expressing who they are, relating to one another, building their confidence and self-esteem levels, understanding that there are multiple solutions to the same type of problem, and recognizing that they have unique characteristics which can help them to make positive impacts. Moreover, our team believes that such forms of art as music are able to create movement, unite people globally, strengthen people through helping them realize that they are not on their own, inspire people to keep pursuing their goals, and encourage people to create a positive change around the world with kindness and love. Through the implementation of our site and events, we have sought to provide people with opportunities to be informed regarding a variety of topics; unite with others; share their interests and inspirational stories; participate in a variety of activities; become motivated in their education; increase their confidence in their abilities to succeed through such means as enhanced skills and strategies; access instruction, mentorship, and educational resources; attain a variety of incentives, such as awards and upcoming scholarships; and gain increased inspiration and courage to dream and create positive impacts. We are focused on helping others to discover their purpose, passion, and potential; to edify and build others up; and to engage in positive interaction with others. Among our many objectives are that we celebrate the positive impacts that the arts and education make within lives; that people will come together to discuss and contribute to such topics as are integrated into this site so that we can learn from each other and be strengthened on our journeys; that people will become encouraged through not only the content found on our site but also presented within our educational and inspirational camps, workshops, conferences, and festivals; and that we, as individuals and as a society, realize and appreciate our unique attributes as well as unified goals. This is not a small group venture, but, rather, we are calling on every individual to join together with a unified vision aimed at overturning negative situations within society and stimulating change. We are excited about promoting a positive change in society through the arts and education and about seeing lives transformed, and we hope that you are also. If you are interested in learning more about us, please click on the link below that corresponds to the topic in which you are interested.