Activities 4 Advancement:
Activity Sections Coming Soon

El8ed Learning

Within the El8ed Learning section, site users will have the opportunity to complete a variety of learning activities, such as games, quizzes, and trivia based on a variety of core subjects, electives, and life skills. Examples of trivia can be found here.

The 824 Challenge

The 824 Challenge invites site users to perform specific tasks contributed by artists and other leaders with regards to enhancing strive through the development and application of skills. Additional information can be found here.


Reach4TheDifference will encompass a wide array of activities in which site users are encouraged to contemplate and implement innovative strategies for reaching others in the realms of providing instruction and training.


Activities that will be presented within 2Live4ADifference, such as the Achiever’s Agenda and InspiNotes, are designed to inspire site users through the sharing of positive words and actions.


Within the activities featured in Vision4Champions, site users will be encouraged to share their visions for creating positive impact through such means as vision boards.


Spirit2Strive will include a variety of activities in which site users are encouraged to share how they have been successful in overcoming hurdles encountered along their paths.