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Interaction with Artists

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Believe – Justin Bieber
Here’s To You – Rascal Flatts
History – One Direction
Young Stars – The Struts

Where would we be without music in our lives? It picks us up when we are feeling defeated, gives us something to look forward to, and helps us along our journeys. Music provides us with reasons to feel optimistic, courageous, empowered, and ambitious. Many artists shine with encouraging messages that we need and show us the power of persevering, overcoming, and dreaming. It is because of the genuineness of the artists as they share themselves through their creativity that we become hopeful in our present, as well as our future. We draw strength from the examples set forth by many artists as we feel connected to them, their music, and/or their other creative works. In fact, it is largely because of the significant impact that artists have on our lives that we seek to develop enduring bonds with them. We desire for artists to be part of our journeys and we look to them as we encounter a wide array of experiences. For this reason, we tend to place an immense emphasis on artist interaction. When asked what quality they are looking for as they attend concerts, the majority of fans state that they place a priority on how artists relate with them at the venues. Yet, many fans also agree that it is vital that interaction of artists is not just reserved for show days. Thankfully, there are many artists who have been there for their fans both on and off the stage. Through their artistic creativity; their affection, admiration, appreciation, and attention to their fans; and their altruism, artists are constantly demonstrating that they are dedicated; that they love, value, recognize, and appreciate their fans; and that they care for all of humanity.

When asked what career they would like to pursue, many students reply that they would like to be artists and state such reasons as fame and financial wealth for their choices. Yet, sharing the music which lives inside one’s self through dedicating one’s self to artistic creativity is often not as lustrous nor lucrative as some would believe. For example, most musicians must endure many trials and expend substantial resources before their music ever enters into many listeners’ ears, and, even after their music is released, they travail diligently to ensure that their music is able to reach a majority of people. Long hours devoted to their art, little time for sleep, and many miles sojourned are just some of the sacrifices that artists make to try to share their artistic creativity. While some artists become financially sound through their artistic creativity, the primary goal of most artists is not financial gain. In fact, in many cases, only a small percentage of the financial resources that is expended into artistic creativity is returned, and, even at that, some artists may find themselves standing up for their rights to be financially compensated for sharing their time and talents. Yet, they continue to persevere in their ambitions to share their artistic creativity, through such forms as songs that have the power to penetrate to the souls of the listeners and transform lives. Why do artists work so laboriously and dedicate their valuable resources into their artistic creativity despite the mountains that they must overcome? While the answers may vary significantly, many artists have explained that, since they have encountered the power of music within their own lives as they have battled a variety of obstacles, they believe that expressing the music within them through their creative talents can bring healing and hope, and they desire to help others by sharing their experiences and shining with optimism. Artists channel the love for their fans through their artistic creativity. Their focus, time, and resources are dedicated to creating artwork that may help others to embrace their inner selves, to relate, and to be inspired. They serve as beacons of light for those who have lost their way, who have felt alone and discouraged, and who have not felt strong enough to face their challenges. Their love for their fans and for music often serve as their drives as they use their artistic abilities to encourage listeners in realizing that they do not need to go through their struggles alone but that they have support and people who believe in them. Indeed, the nonfinancial return to the artists by means of the impact they make on lives is insurmountable.

Interacting with Artists

Not only do artists interact with fans by reaching listeners through their messages, but they also demonstrate their care and concern for others through additional forms of affection. Many artists are aware that they may be the only lights that shine into the lives of their fans; when people feel like their worlds are out of control, they will frequently look to artists because it’s the music that lives within the artists that keep them hanging on. Therefore, many artists will often take the time to notice the needs of their fans and engage in measures that help the fans know that they are loved. For example, they will post encouraging messages on social media to inspire people to overcome the hurdles of life. Also, many artists will take the time out of their hectic schedules to host meet-ups or Q&A sessions, live chats, and listening parties over the web, as well as in person, to express their value and support for their fans. Moreover, some artists have also surprised their fans with the gift of music by releasing extra unannounced songs digitally; this provides additional motivation to aid listeners in having the energy and encouragement as they pursue their journeys.

Another way in which artists show their support to fans is through their admiration for the unique attributes of each fan. Many artists set forth examples and send translucent positive messages that inform listeners that it is not only alright but also preferable to be themselves and to embrace their individualities. Additionally, many artists will take the opportunities to get to know their fans and will engage in measures to inspire those whom they encounter to follow their ambitions. Whether it be through such means as showcasing the artwork of their fans on their websites and social media posts or taking the time to comment on posters that fans make for them at various events, some artists are faithful to acknowledge the contributions of their supporters and emphasize the value of each individual.

In addition to acknowledging the individual contributions of the fans, artists will frequently show their appreciation for their fanbases as a whole. Many fan groups are known by their unique names which show their loyalty and support to the artists, and they rally together, through such means as creating projects or trending topics, to let artists know that they are thought about and valued. In return, artists are devoted to their followers and make sure to thank and celebrate with their fans through the milestones of their lives. With every achievement, artists recognize their fans’ allegiance and role in helping them to advance. Through ways like prioritizing their appreciation for fans during award acceptance speeches or mentioning their thanks to fans in the credits of their creative works, artists are faithful to remember that their fans help them to follow their dreams. As fans are also appreciative of the allegiance of the artists, symbiotic relationships are established in which both artists and their supporters grow together as they continue to strive to be there for each other. The genuine bonds based on love and appreciation that exist between artists and fans are unparalleled and often span lifetimes.

Concert ExperiencesA challenge for artists is trying to make sure that all fans know that they are important and valued. Many artists genuinely want to spend quality time with their supporters, but, due to such reasons as security concerns, they are unable to meet each fan as they desire. Therefore, in order to maximize interaction with fans, they find creative ways to be present for their supporters. For instance, at concerts, musicians will frequently show attention to all members of the audience by utilizing movable platforms that encircle the perimeter of the arenas, moving to alternate stages which are centered in the rear of the venues, using harnesses to move around the arena through the air, and going into the stands with the viewers; these measures allow them the opportunities to develop closer bonds with their fans and, additionally, let fans know that they are appreciated. Some artists have also been known to attend to their fans through such thoughtful measures as ensuring that hot cocoa or warm pizza are delivered to those who have waited outside in the cold for long periods of time to see them. Moreover, some artists will take the time to wave to or meet the fans before of after events. Apart from the interactive events, artists will also include fans in their journeys. For example, some artists have brilliantly created music videos in which it appears that they are taking viewers on experiences with them to help fans feel included. All of these measures show fans that the artists realize the significance of each supporter and love and care for each individual.

Yet, as much as artists will often bend over backwards to be there for their fans, it’s not just the fans that artists authentically care about but, rather, all of humanity. Altruistic, most artists long to make a difference in the lives of people within their communities and around the world. They may engage in such practices as frequenting schools, hospitals, shelters, and underprivileged regions to extend compassion to all living beings; joining marches and rallies to voice their stances; and incorporating fans battling with issues into their artistic works, such as music videos, to raise awareness about key topics and to unify people in creating change that will make this world a better place. Their interaction demonstrates that people with willing hearts can make positive impacts and restores faith in humanity.

When considering the extraordinary measures that several artists take in order to interact with fans, there is no doubt that their primary emphasis is to promote the betterment of society. By nature, many artists are compassionate and empathetic and share a unified vision to improve lives for their fans and for all living beings. They possess not only the artistic ingenuity to share their creative talents that reach people where they’re at but also the willingness to relate to others in memorable ways. They are detail-oriented, considerate, and ambitious, but, above all, they are authentic which is imperative because fans are looking for something real. Fans are looking for people to be who they say they are; they will be enthusiastic and devoted but they need to know who they are supporting. Interaction and concern for others extended by artists lets fans know that the artists are genuine, that they are eager to take the time to be there, and that they prioritize the ability to make a difference over fame and fortune. Artists who take the time to be present for their fans demonstrate that they are not in their fields of artistic work for what they can get out of it but what they can give. Thankfully, there are many amazing artists in this world who are willing to be the difference that this world needs to see and make it their goal to provide support and encouragement for fans.

In the moment, in the place
There is no time, no space
Every fear has been released
Every breath has been increased
And you feel your heart racing
As your dreams which you’ve been chasing
Are suddenly here ready to appear

The lights turn dim as the tempo gets loud
People press forth and you’re part of the crowd
But it feels as if this moment has been created just for you
As your focus is directed to the stage and you anticipate the new
New feelings, vibes, and times to share

New heights of liveliness as each sense becomes aware
That your day is about to change by what awaits
And so is your life with the new memories that the experience creates
So hold on tight for what’s about to come
As your soul soars with each beat of the drum

Concert and Other Artist Interaction Experiences

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