Battling Insecurities

Some of the major obstacles that we all face at one time or another are our insecurities. For some, battling insecurities can be more daunting than for others, but we must all learn to overcome moments when we feel unsure of ourselves. Insecurities can be caused by internal or external factors. Internally, we must realize that we are our own best friends and worst enemies, and we must learn to become comfortable with who we are. This entails learning to understand ourselves and avoiding putting ourselves down. Music is significant in helping us to be more confident. With regards to external factors, we must realize that it is important to not let others dictate our paths or tell us who we are supposed to be. We must also realize that our loved ones will not try to change us but will accept us for who we are. They will encourage us to be our best selves. Again, with respect to external factors, music is critical because it, too, has a way of inspiring us to be ourselves.

Be Confident

Be Confident

Claim who you are. Be honest with yourself.

Optimistically approach every situation.

Notice your value. You are important.

Focus on your strengths and your contributions to society.

Instill in yourself an unconditional love for yourself.

Determine to make a difference.

Envision your goals.

Negate the critics. Believe in yourself.

Create your own path.

Encourage yourself to stay committed to your purpose.

Find Worth in Your Journey

It’s more than just brilliance;
It’s the journey,
The rough patches and cuts, that make
A diamond truly reflect light.
We are diamonds preparing to reflect,
And we go through rough times,
But those times are getting us ready to be our best.

Find Worth in Your Journey

Suggested Songs

  • A Little Goes A Long Way – David Archuleta
  • Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
  • Creep – Radiohead
  • Dark Side – Kelly Clarkson
  • Dear God – Hunter Hayes
  • dear insecurity – gnash ft. ben abraham
  • Don’t Try So Hard – Queen
  • Feeling Good – Esmée Denters
  • Just Right – Got7
  • Perfect – P!nk
  • these are my friends – lovelytheband
  • Unstoppable – Sia
  • What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction
Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Low self-esteem
Can make victors into victims,
Can turn the powerful into the powerless,
Can turn the encouraged into the discouraged,
Can turn the hopeful into the hopeless,
Can turn those who believe they can into those who often doubt themselves,
Can turn light into darkness,
And can turn strengths into weaknesses.
Know your worth.
Be encouraged.
Surround yourself with people who care.
Discover your strengths and expound upon them.
You are unique, strong, beautiful, and smart.
Do not listen to those who would have you feel bad about yourself.
Be courageous.
Dare to be yourself.
Rise above the pain, the doubt, and the negative feelings.
You are needed and you are wanted.