Black Lives Matter

We, at Inspire 4 A Lifetime, stand in solidarity with people around the globe who are sending a strong message that black lives matter. We understand that we are living in critical times, and we believe that education and the arts are important in addressing such issues as systemic racism which must be confronted with urgency. Within this section of our site, we seek to bring awareness to these issues, as well as to encourage our site users to research a variety of black leaders whose legacies have remained impactful throughout time.

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Leadership Puzzles

Many brilliant, talented, and courageous black leaders have exemplified remarkable qualities and contributed significantly to shaping the course of history. Each month, we will present an activity featuring the names of many prominent leaders and encourage site users to use the clues presented in order to try to solve the puzzle and discover more about the legacies of these leaders. To access these activities, please click here.

Take a Stand

Taking a Stand Activity

Unscramble the letters in the words below, and place each word in the boxes with the corresponding numbers above. Then, read the message contained within the grey boxes. Click here to view this activity on a full separate page.

Taking a Stand Activity
Black Lives Matter Word Search

The word search above features the names of some black lives whose times on Earth were ended due to such factors as racial injustice committed against them. While searching for the names below within this activity, please take time to consider how we, as a society, can take action to help dismantle racism and promote equality within all realms of life. Then, please consider sharing your reflections with us via visual artwork, written content, and/or short video by using the form on this page so that we may post them within this section of our website. If you would like to access additional In Memoriam activities, please click here. Moreover, please inform us of additional names which you believe we should feature within our upcoming In Memoriam activities. We appreciate you.

In Memoriam…

Aaron Bailey
Abdirahman Salad
Ahmaud Arbery
Aiyana Stanley Jones
Akai Gurley
Ala’Junaye Davis
Albert Joseph Davis
Alberta Spruill
Alexia Christian
Alonzo Smith
Alteria Woods
Alton Sterling
Amadou Diallo
Anthony Ashford
Anthony Hill
Antronie Scott
Antwon Rose II
Ariane McCree
Asshams Pharoah Manley
Atatiana Jefferson
Bennie Lee Tignor
Bettie Jones
Billy Ray Davis
Botham Jean
Brendon Glenn
Breonna Taylor
Calin Roquemore
Christian Taylor
Christopher Davis
Christopher McCorvey
Christopher Whitfield
Cortney Jones
Dante Parker
Darius Robinson
Darnesha Harris
Darrius Stewart
David Joseph
David McAtee
Demarcus Semer
Derrick Scott
Desean Pittman
Dominic Hutchinson
Dominique Clayton
Dominique Fells
Dontre Hamilton
Dreasjon Reed
Dyzhawn Perkins
Eleanor Bumpers
Elijah McClain

Eric Garner
Eric Reason
Ezell Ford
Felix Kumi
Frank Smart
Freddie Gray
George Floyd
India Kager
Islan Nettles
Jamar Clark
Janet Wilson
Jazzaline Ware
Jerame Reid
John Crawford III
Jonathan Ferrell
Jonathan Sanders
Jordan Edwards
Joseph Mann
Junior Prosper
Kayla Moore
Keith Childress Jr.
Keith McLeod
Keith Scott
Kendrec McDade
Kendrick Johnson
Kenney Watkins
Kevin Hicks
Kevin Matthews
Kimani Gray
Kionte Spencer
Korryn Gaines
Lamontez Jones
Laquan McDonald
La’Vante Biggs
LaVena Johnson
Layleen Polanco
Marco Loud
Mary Truxillo
Matthew Ajibade
Maurice Gordon Jr.
McHale Rose
Michael Brown, Jr.
Michael Lee Marshall
Michael Lorenzo Dean
Michael Noel
Michael Sabbie
Michelle Cusseaux
Michelle Shirley
Michelle Washington
Miguel Espinal

Monika Diamond
Mya Hall
Natasha McKenna
Nathaniel Pickett Jr.
Nina Pop
Oluwatoyin Salau
Oscar Grant
Pamela Turner
Paterson Brown Jr.
Paul O’Neal
Peter Gaines
Philando Castile
Phillip White
Priscilla Slater
Quintonio Legrier
Rayshard Brooks
Reche Caldwell
Redel Jones
Regis Korchinski-Paquet
Rekia Boyd
Riah Milton
Robert Forbes
Robert Fuller
Ronell Foster
Rumain Brisbon
Salvado Ellswood
Samuel DuBose
Sandra Bland
Sean Bell
Shantel Davis
Shelly Frey
Stephon Clark
Sylville Smith
Tamir Rice
Tanisha Anderson
Terence Crutcher
Terrill Thomas
Tony McDade
Tony Robinson
Trayvon Martin
Troy Robinson
Tyre King
Tyree Crawford
Victor Manuel Larosa
Walter Scott
Wendell Celestine
William Chapman II
Willie Tillman
Yvette Smith
Yvonne Smallwood

Suggested Songs

“2020 Riots: How Many Times”
– Trey Songz

“A Young Black Man”
– Keedron Bryant

“Fight The Power”
– Public Enemy

“Get Up”
– T-Pain

– Common and John Legend

“I Can’t Breathe”
– H.E.R.

“I Cry”
– Usher

– Anderson .Paak

“March March”
– The Chicks

“Perfect Way To Die”
– Alicia Keys

“The Bigger Picture”
– Lil Baby