BullyingConsidering that the effects that bullying has on its victims range from low quality performance to thoughts of suicide, bullying undoubtedly can hinder some people in their progress of overcoming their obstacles and accomplishing their goals. Bullying has always been a prevalent issue that mandates critical attention from all sectors of society due to its devastating consequences, which include hindering a society’s ability to cultivate positive growth and productivity. However, within recent times, bullying has increased. In fact, although the many technological advancements which are arising in today’s society have allowed countless of people to experience such benefits as an ease to high-quality research, higher efficiency in such aspects as medicine and education, access to news coverage from countries throughout the world, and the ability to form friendships with people who may reside in other global areas, the rise in technology has also allowed for the existence of cyberbullying, a type of bullying in which a possibly anonymous perpetrator seeks to share harsh or discouraging messages with victims at any time of day via various forms of electronic communication. Many people are victims to cyberbullying at least once in their lives, and a majority of these victims have been repeated targets of cyberbullying. Due to the widespread practice of bullying, artists have rallied through their songs, actions, and messages in voicing the creed that bullying in any form is completely unacceptable. Many artists have shared their stories of being bullied themselves and how bullying affected them. Additionally, they have discussed what measures they have taken to help overcome the pain of persecution. Music is a significant key because it helps listeners stay informed and become empowered. Music builds strength. As listeners realize that they are not alone in their struggles and discover ways to overcome painful experiences, they begin to understand that they have the power to hold their heads up high and stay committed to their journeys. The Q&A section found at the bottom of this page may help you discover more about bullying, cyberbullying, and how you can assist those who are encountering bullying.

Respect Everyone Since Positivity Eventually Changes Things.

If you only knew
What someone may be going through,
Would that help you to change your tune,
To be kinder before a life could end too soon?
There’s power in the things you say,
But you use your words to hurt and slay.
If you could see all there is to see,
Would you try a little sensitivity?
You never know if you’ll get another chance
So show you care and take a stance
To be the positive difference in someone’s life today.
Don’t turn your back before opportunity walks away.

Demonstrate Respect

Reach everyone through kindness
Expound on positive qualities
Share in the experiences of others through understanding
Practice love for and acceptance of others
Earn the admiration of those around you
Create a cultivating environment
Take time to make a difference

Please Remember This:

Bullying isn’t cool.
It destroys lives
And makes the bully look like a fool.
Be careful what you say,
‘Cause someone might get hurt.
Think about your words
Before you open your mouth and blurt.
Be positive;

Practice love;
Be kind to everyone you see;
Show others that you care;
And treat them with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Suggested Songs

  • Brave – Sara Bareilles
  • Bridges – Shaggy
  • Dare – Daya
  • Good Day – J Moss ft. Kierra Sheard & Karen Clark Sheard
  • Hate on Me – Jill Scott
  • I’m Still Standing – Elton John
  • Indestructible – Not Your Dope ft. MAX
  • Invisible – Hunter Hayes
  • Kill ’em With Kindness – Selena Gomez
  • Last One Standing – Cheryl
  • Like That – Bea Miller
  • Look at Me Now – Charlie Puth
  • Loser Like Me – Glee Cast
  • Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
  • Silence – Marshmello ft. Khalid
  • Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato
  • Stand Back Up – Sugarland
  • Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia
  • Unbreakable – Of Mice & Men
  • Undefeated – Def Leppard
  • We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore – Twisted Sister
  • Wings – Little Mix
  • Worth the Fight – Cimorelli
  • Written in the Scars – The Script

You don’t have to cry anymore,
Hide your face or try to raise the score.
It doesn’t matter what people say,
You’re meant to be you in every way.
Don’t worry ’bout the haters
Who try to attack;
Being who you are
Is the best way to fight back,
‘Cause all eyes are on you
And they’re waiting to see you fall,
But by being who you are,
You will stand tall.
Love yourself,
and be proud of who you are.
Victory is yours; you’re a shining star.


What is bullying?

Bullying is a form of exertion in which the person doing the bullying feels an entitlement to belittle others using force, whether it be physical or verbal.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is recognized as the labeling of others through electronic media due to the claims that the victims do not conform to acceptable social norms. However, these claims are often unmerited, as they are not based on actuality but rather on people’s perceptions of others. Perpetrators who engage in the act of cyberbullying use such harmful techniques as posting uncomplimentary pictures and words. These types of acts often cause feelings of isolation and inferiority to develop.

What are some reasons why people choose to bully others?

Unhappy with themselves or their lives, bullies may project their negative feelings about themselves upon someone else. Some people who have inferiority issues, who do not feel comfortable in their own skin, who are not satisfied with their progress in life, or who desire to change themselves but may not want to extend the effort associated with it, may find it easier to lash out or belittle others in order to try to make themselves feel more important. Often, those doing the bullying have been bullied themselves. Bullying may also be a result of perpetrators failing to adapt effectively to society’s increasing pressures. Some perpetrators may be driven by their lack of family support; their use of substances, including alcohol and drugs; and their difficulties within social settings. Other people may resort to bullying as a way to gain attention or the approval of others. Still, others may just possess a negative outlook on life and may choose unkind means to exert their control and feel empowered. Nevertheless, there is no justifiable reason to usurp one’s self-appointed authority over others, and bullying in any form can result in numerous harmful consequences.

Is bullying ever alright?

No form of bullying, including cyberbullying, is acceptable. Bullying is never right, and it must be dealt with appropriately so that it ceases.

Who is most likely to be a victim of bullying?

Sometimes, the bully chooses their targets based on whom they are envious of. Yet, other times, bullying has no rhyme or reason; the bully will pick on whomever they feel like for whatever reason. While nobody is exempt from being bullied, many victims share common characteristics like being quiet, introverted, and unconfident.

What are some of the negative ramifications associated with bullying?

Victims of bullying may experience a wide array of effects that can threaten their physical, mental, emotional, and soulful well-being. Many victims engage in self-stigmatization in which they internalize the labels which have been attributed to them and respond negatively or perform poorly due to the low self-esteem acquired. This internalization of negative labels can pose hazards to their health by motivating them to want to inflict self-harm or change their appearances; by causing them to feel depressed, defeated, or hopeless; by interfering with their ability to focus on the positive aspects of life; and by contributing to feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. Some victims of bullying may lack the will to pursue their passions, may find it difficult to set goals, and may choose to drop out of school or the workforce. Moreover, the perpetrators of bullying may face devastating consequences as some of them may not be coping with the internal psychological problems which initiated them to start bullying, but rather be trying to escape these problems through projecting their emotions or instabilities onto other people.

Why does bullying continue?

While many school-age children are the victims of bullying, bullying occurs at all ages. Some bullies will continue to belittle others throughout the course of life, and you can often hear them talking negatively and trying to bring others down. People are often afraid to stand up to those who they see bullying because they do not want to become the targets of bullies.

What types of intervention should be implemented to eliminate or diminish bullying?

While it may be idealistic to eliminate bullying, certain measures can be taken to reduce its practice. For example, actions, such as educating people about communication over the internet, increasing the amount of social groups that support peers, and encouraging people to become aware of the detriments associated with labeling, should be implemented. It is also important that people engaging in technological communication know that, while the internet can be a productive tool for bringing people together and increasing knowledge, it must be used with caution. Due to the many various perpetuating factors to which bullying may be attributed, there is also a need for society to develop more successful means of communication within the structures of such organizations as the family, the school system, and the workplace. For instance, within the school, there is a necessity for open discussions about inappropriate thoughts and behaviors that take place not only in the school environment but through all aspects of life. Issues of hatred, prejudice, and discrimination should be addressed and appropriately dealt with. In addition, since cyberbullying involves the use of intimidating tactics via electronic means of communication for the purpose of exerting dominance over people who are often not as powerful, people who feel as if they are entitled to put others down should be stripped of their influence. When society gives attention to people making distasteful choices, it often feeds into their inappropriate behavior. Rather than supporting the negative actions of bullies, people need to take a stand and focus their attention on treating the victims with kindness, showing them that they are appreciated, valued, and not alone. As bullying occurs at every social class level, people should be encouraged to stand up against bullying by uniting as a solidified group and speaking about the dangers which bullying produces.

Why and how should a person approach a bully?

Sometimes, it is best to try to ignore the bully’s words and actions, if at all possible, since the the bully usually seeks confrontation and attention. Yet, it may be necessary to approach the bully if the situation gets out of hand. While it is best to have an authoritative figure take care of the situation, if people find themselves in the position where confrontation is unavoidable, it is highly recommended to be within a group. It is also vital that people never try to solve violence with violence as the results can be catastrophic. Instead, they should employ peaceful means even when they don’t feel like it. Do what is right even in the face of wrong.

What should people do if they find themselves to be the victims of bullying?

It is imperative that people remember who they are, that they are confident in themselves, and that they know their value. They should respect themselves and refuse to give others the power to destroy their lives or make them want to stop pursuing their dreams. They should also remember that, although there is power in words, they determine how much power they give to the words. Often, people have a tendency to clench onto negative thoughts because they think the worst about themselves. Self-esteem is significant to how people react to negative comments. It is, therefore, wise for people to surround themselves with positive, uplifting friends who will encourage them through their struggles. Additionally, people should aim to keep the lines of communication open with those whom they trust, as well as those who have justifiable authority, such as teachers, administrators, and parents. Furthermore, listening to empowering music can help people build their strength. It is crucial that people recognize that the best revenge for bullying is often success. Eventually, most haters will fade when they realize that those who they choose to bully are unshaken.

What should people do if they see others being bullied?

People should choose to use positive words and actions to help others who are being treated with disrespect know that they are loved and can persevere through their obstacles. People have the power to shine light into others’ lives and might be the ones that help others gain the strength to stay on or get back onto their own paths. People should also encourage victims to talk to an authoritative figure who they trust and to get any necessary help.

What are the roles of support groups in cases of bullying?

For many reasons, victims of bullying may not choose to discuss the mistreatment that they have experienced. For example, they may fear being further ridiculed, mistreated, or misunderstood. They may also not know who to trust with their dilemmas. Consequently, they may believe that they have no other escape than to inflict harm onto themselves. It is imperative that peer support groups be established to show all individuals that they are valued and to provide open pathways of communication based on trust, nonjudgment, and acceptance. Victims need to feel safe to talk about what they are going through and to express their emotions in constructive ways.

How can music play a role in assisting victims who have been bullied?

Music is an asset to education as it can inform people about the dangers of maliciousness and can help spread positive messages of love and acceptance. Music can also encourage people to discover who they are and to find the value within themselves so that, when faced with adversity, they are not swayed to think negatively about themselves because of the unkind words or actions of others. Music is also a powerful tool in uniting support teams who form together to let others know that they have they victims’ best interest at heart and who refuse to tolerate the negativity emanating from cyberbullies. Music is both proactive and constructive and can bring forth progress that is much needed.