Calls to Action

Unity is the coming together of people which has the potential to bring about several positive results. Some of the benefits of unity include promoting a common vision, voicing stances with strength, and accomplishing tasks more efficiently and effectively than if done solo. The arts have been key in helping people unite during both peaceful and tumultuous times. Not only have the arts been influential in bringing people together for purposes of celebration, but they have also served significant roles in helping artists draw together in their quest to make this world a better place. Additionally, the arts have assisted fans in joining the vision to make a difference. Although there are numerous issues which the arts have been powerful in addressing throughout time, these can generally be divided into the following three categories: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Himself, and Man vs. Earth.

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Man vs. Man

Man vs Man

Throughout the years, the arts have been key in voicing the needs to cease the struggle between man vs. man. With regards to such matters as injustice, intolerance, and hatred, artists have come together to raise awareness of critical issues and to attempt to alleviate the pain that is associated with the matters. For example, artists have taken a stance to help those who are impoverished as well as those who have been victims to senseless and despicable crimes of hate. Such songs as “We are the World”, which was released in 1985 by USA for Africa, and such calls to unification as One Love Manchester, a benefit concert which was organized by Ariana Grande in 2017 in the wake of a tragic shooting which happened in England, have championed the call to take a stand and make a difference. In this section, we discuss the necessity for love and acceptance in society and how artists have called for attention to imperative issues and action.

Man vs. Himself

Man vs Himself

Another issue which has gained the attention of artists is that of man against himself. Suicidal thoughts or tendencies, self-harm, and low self-esteem are among the battles raging within man’s self which must be addressed with urgency, and the arts have the power to bring awareness to the issues in a way that is relatable and understandable. In fact, such songs as 1-800-273-8255, in which Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid join together to express the pain which is often associated with suicidal thoughts, have clearly described how people who have contemplated taking their own lives may feel while powerfully echoing the need for intervention. Other songs have shared the painful experiences associated with negative perceptions of oneself and how the anguish may be able to be overcome. In this section, we explore and expound upon some of the issues that cause man to be his own worst enemy and discuss how the arts are being used to intervene.

Man vs. Earth

Man vs Earth

While the news is inundated with the plights of man at the hands of his adversaries, as well as himself, there is also a rise in the perils of man against his environment. Artists have banded together to not only raise awareness of such disasters plaguing our world as floods, wildfires, and earthquakes but also to brighten the horizons of those suffering. Whether it be through artistic creativity or the funds that they raise to put words into action, artists have worked together to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and their anthem is for all of humanity to join in helping others around the world make Earth more sustainable. In this section, we discuss the adverse effects associated with not taking care of Earth and how music has contributed to helping individuals realize the importance of engaging in measures that can lead to alleviate the negative implications associated with climate change and other environmental concerns.