Caring for All

We are born into this world in similar fashion. We all come out unclothed and unashamed. Yet, society classifies us according to such factors as our race, gender, nationality, sexuality, and social class, and we spend a majority of our life trying to break free from the stigmatization placed on us by others. Who is to say that one is better than the other when God sees us as equals? Who is to place value on human life when the value of life is insurmountable? Why can’t we see each other and treat each other with the respect which we deserve? Heroes have sacrificed their lives so that we may enjoy the privileges of liberty while society is preoccupied with entangling people with chains of insecurity. Should we not be free to believe as we want, to be who we are, to live as we have been designed? No chains should shackle us. We are not the property of man. Each of us has a body, heart, mind, and soul which are our own and should not be under the power of another. We deserve the right to be ourselves and nobody should have the ability to take that right away from us. If God has seen fit to give us a free will, who are we to take that freedom away?

Love is all-inviting and does not exclude anyone based on race, gender, sexuality, or any other factors. It allows people to feel at ease knowing that they are accepted for who they are and will not be criticized for making mistakes. Love surpasses boundaries and can be felt by people across the globe. As love is able to heal the world, it is important that we, as a society, declare our love for others by opening ourselves up to share our testimonies. We must remain optimistic in our ability to make a difference by letting others know that we care about them and that they are not alone.

Caring for All

We’re all different
But we’re all the same
We come from different lands
And are called by our unique names
But we love, we laugh
We scream, we cry
We move and breathe
We live and die
Each of us has a story of our own
But for all of us
The joys and pains we have known
We are called to love one another
And live harmoniously
But we’re too busy letting our differences be our enemy

“Men’s hearts ought not to be set against one another, but set with one another, and all against evil only.” –

Thomas Carlyle

Voices are gathering to let people know we care
People are coming together, love and light to share
No longer willing to put up with ignorance and hate
Can’t leave the future of our loved ones to wrecklessness or fate
Are you with or against, the time to choose is at hand
You must choose your battle, you must take a stand

Let the love shine above the hate
Don’t worry what’s on another’s plate
How many mistakes are on their slate
Or all the questions aimed to discriminate
When will people really see
Love needs to be given unconditionally
It’s time to break through the prejudice and hatred
And turn love back into something sacred
A power that rises to meet people where they are
A power strong enough to heal any scar
Nobody has the right to judge
Set in their own ways, they will not budge
But love transcends all boundaries and knows no limit
When love is involved, we’re in it to win it
Because love can help us become victorious
Can right the wrongs, will be notorious
For changing the world as others see
That love shines with intensity
So let the love shine through you today
Cause loving others is the only way
That we can make the change that people desperately need
And fix the hearts which are broken and bleed

Let love be the force that unites mankind
Let hatred disintegrate as people learn to always be kind
Let judgment cease
Let care increase
Let people never put others down
Let them turn pessimism around

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