Celebrating Our Differences

Celebrating Our Differences

Busy trying to tear one another up, while we should rather be turning the music up; Preoccupied with allowing our differences to define us, while we should be defining our differences and using them to contribute to the betterment of society; Concentrated on judging others, while we should instead be loving and edifying one another…We need a transformation from the thoughts and actions that have frequently plagued our society and have contributed to the negativity which brings people down. We need a celebration where we help people to see how they can use their differences to promote growth. There is no place for negativity in a world that is trying to bring forth positive change. No flower has ever grown by cutting it down. Instead, it needs nurturing and the proper ingredients to help it thrive: light, water, enriching soil.
Our positive words and actions are the light, water, and soil that can enrich others’ lives. We must use what we say and do to be constructive and not destructive. It’s time for unification. We need to come together and love one another despite our differences. Stop seeing our differences as barriers and start seeing them as bridges.

Despite the similarities that some people may share, no two people are the same. Each person has a different set of personality traits, values, and talents that make them an individual. It is imperative that people realize that they have not only the right to be different but also the responsibility to be themselves as it is through embracing their own unique abilities that success may be achieved. The arts help people to accept their unique qualities and see that it is preferential to be themselves without apology. Many creative works additionally demonstrate the importance of loving one another despite their idiosyncrasies.

Celebrating Our Differences

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” – Henry David Thoreau

A Vision for Unity

Live in a land where people can be who they truly are
No one to tell them that they’re not a star
No words to cast down, no acts of hate
Just encouragement to help others be themselves, to be great

Celebrating Our Differences

Appearances can be illusions. Don’t judge others by what you see externally. Get to know them, discover who they truly are, and, then, make your decisions but don’t make them feel superior or inferior. Just don’t judge. To judge someone means that you have the superior power, but you are only in control of your own life. If you must judge anybody, judge yourself. See what changes you want to see made within your life. Ridiculing others or putting them on pedestals places undue pressure on them to try to conform to others’ standards, but who is anyone to dictate what the standards should be. We have been conditioned since we were young to make our preferences based on limited information. For example, a person may choose teammates based on how strong they look. We must explore beyond the surface. Teammates need more than strength; they need the ability to be cooperative team players. We need to get excited about the deeper things. Take the chance to get to know somebody, and be excited about what they share with you.

We often see what we want to see
The mistakes and blemishes or the fame and glory
But if we look deeper into what makes someone unique
We will see the sweat, the tears, moments both joyous and bleak
For all people have their own legends to tell
How they faced the obstacles as they rose and they fell

And we too have our stories that people need to hear
So that they can take courage when faced with doubts and fear
Life is so much more than what appears on the surface
So we must let our voices be heard as we serve as the preface
For the changes that will help us to unite and become strong
As we learn the importance of singing our song

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