Change - Outline

Found within this outline are a variety of topics which have been addressed within the Change unit of this website, as well as corresponding questions for consideration. Please click here if you would like to access an activity based on this outline.

Artistic Creativity


Questions to Consider

Commemorating Artistic Champions

What are some ways in which the legacies of artists have made a lasting impact in the lives of people around the world?
What are some characteristics that artists who have created influential legacies may share in common?
In which ways do living legends often use their inner voices and talents to positively impact society and shape culture?

Legend Ledger

Why is it important to honor artistic legends and learn from their impact?
What can we learn from the lives of artistic legends?



Questions to Consider

Noticing Needs

Why may the word “change” bring about fear or reluctance?
Why is change crucial to progress?
What is the difference between external and internal needs?
What are some necessary factors for change to be effective?
What questions should be considered when deciding what changes are needed?
How can resilience affect the process of change?

Formulating Plans of Success

What are some points to keep in mind when deciding on a course of action to initiate change?
What is the difference between short-term and long-term goals and how should they be implemented in association with forming plans of success?
How can forming a plan help to focus and solve?



Questions to Consider

Realizing Your Impact

When does the future start?
Why is every individual important in creating positive impact?
What defines a hero, and who can be a hero?
What are some questions that each individual should consider in deciding what role to play in creating an impact?

Deciding to Initiate Change

What are some steps involved in deciding to initiate change?
What negative effects may be associated with a lack of goal-oriented vision?
What types of sacrifice may be involved in initiating change?



Questions to Consider

Understanding Your Abilities

How can assessment of one’s self be valuable in creating change?
Why is it important for people to embrace their unique gifts?
How can believing in one’s abilities be beneficial to creating positive impact?

Leading with Perseverance

What is one of the most productive ways to serve as an effective leader?
What is the significance of perseverance with regards to leadership?
What are some ways in which many artists lead the way for progressive movement within society?
What are some fundamental qualities at the heart of leadership?
Why is it important for leaders to be visionaries?
What type of leader are many people looking for?

Implementing Change

Why is it critical for people to believe in their visions and be committed to the implementation of change?
What is the role of faith in implementing change?
What are some key actions involved in success?
What is the significance of momentum in implementing change?