Commemorating Artistic Champions

LegendsCan you imagine what life would be like without the creative works of such artists as The Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Kenny Rogers, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant, Aaliyah, David Bowie, George Michael, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Avicii, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Roger Moore, Paul Walker,  Robin Williams, Jim Henson, Stan Lee or a number of other legends who have graced our world with their passion for art and their unforgettable talents? These artists’ works have stood strongly throughout the years, have shaped the course of history, have made an impact in society, and are still very much alive in the minds, hearts, and souls of an insurmountable number of fans. What makes these iconic legends so memorable, even past their time on Earth? Why will their legacies continue to echo through the ages? There are a multitude of reasons why these artists have made and will continue to make a lasting impact. Each legend has brought soul and passion into the world not only through their remarkable talents and distinct styles, but also through their dreams, beliefs, unique attributes and willingness to utilize their artistic creativity in reaching the world. Although many of these legends confronted numerous obstacles on their journeys throughout life, they lit the pathway of inspiration for others by broadening horizons, by encouraging people to embrace their inner voices, and by giving people the courage to face each day. These legends were not afraid to dream, to transform rather than conform, and to uniquely and brilliantly use their gifts to express what they were passionate about in a way to which others can relate past, present, and future. They believed in the power of art as a way to share messages that were clear and understandable, and much of their creative works ignited social reformation which effects are still being felt today. In a world where people often seek to follow trends, these legends went against the flow, possessing the will and determination to follow their own vision, embrace their individualities, and try new techniques that revolutionized their industries. In doing so, these artists also laid the foundations for later artists to continue exploring various forms of artistic creativity and to continue positively impacting society. Moreover, they inspired people to hold onto hope, to dance among the stars, and to have the willingness to believe in themselves. These legends were among the brightest stars, and, no matter what they were going through in their own personal lives, they became the voices of reassurance in the lives of people globally. Even today, their memories stand firm, like anchors, through the darkest hours. Their creative works continue to evoke emotional connection, as they bring tears to the eyes and joy to the hearts, and to resonate with passion and power as people still turn to them for inspiration and motivation. Our world has become brighter and our loads have become lighter because of these artists, and we know that we have the power to persevere and to make a difference because their creative works still impact our lives. Due to these legends touching our souls positively, life will never be the same.

In addition to legends whose creative works continue to live but who have passed from their journeys on Earth, there are also living legends who use their inner voices and talents to impact society and shape culture. These legends share similar characteristics such as serving as effective leaders, enlightening listeners, giving of themselves to share their passions, energizing people through their creative works, notoriously taking a stance for what they believe, dedicating their time and resources to positively making a difference, and shining brightly despite struggles they may confront. While these legends contribute significantly through their individualistic styles, they share a unified vision to reach people who need light in their lives through the power of artistic creativity. They never cease learning and instructing, sharing the music within them, and creating because they understand that art is transforming and reforming. They are not only willing to take a firm stand for what they believe in, but they are also devoted to making a statement through their creative works, a statement of positive change to which this world needs to listen. We can hear the inner songs which they shared with us echoing through our heads, feel them racing to our hearts, and know the difference as the power of their legacies infiltrates our souls. These legends, who have fire in their hearts and passion in their souls, give us the will to carry on, help us feel stronger, and inspire us to be ourselves. Through the artworks that stem from their artistic creativity and their unique personas, through their kindness and compassion, and through their commitment to guiding by example, these living legends contribute to the impact that not only affects our current generations but also generations to come.

In the darkness of the night when you’re all alone in bed
Tumbling and turning but too tired to lift your head
In the solitude of day when you don’t feel like you fit in
Trying to hide the tears of your heart with a superficial grin
In the fight and in the storm when you think that you’re not strong
Catching each breath like it’s the last bit of air just to help you get along
In the coldness of life when everything just seems too much
Know that you’re not alone and feel the gentle touch
Of those who too have experienced darkness, loneliness, weakness, and cold
But found the courage to persevere as they heard tales of old
The legends who have changed the course of time when it seemed there was no hope
Those who, when they thought they were sinking, held tighter onto the rope

Can you hear their voices echoing in unity calling your name
Though they travelled distinct journeys, their pleas are quite the same
Don’t give up, don’t give in, you’re more tenacious than you know
Take hold of their hands and do not let go
For they will be your guide when it seems you’ve lost your way
And the lives that they’ve lead will be your light when your skies are dismal shades of gray
Live your legacy with passion, embrace your life, and dare to be unique
Find your inner beauty and, with your voice and actions, join them and speak
‘Til every soul knows that they’re not alone and they belong
‘Til every person finds the strength to sing their song