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By using this Site, you agree that you have read and accepted the Cookie Policy as set forth by Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC. Please note that this Cookie Policy is intended to provide you, the site user, with a thorough understanding of what cookies are and how we implement them on this Site. Should you have any questions regarding the Cookie Policy, please contact us. Also, as the use of this Site is contingent upon your acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, make sure to visit those documents on this Site before proceeding to use this Site. While our Privacy Policy explains how Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC collects, processes, and stores your information as you visit this Site and utilize the Services, the Cookie Policy elucidates on how we, as well as any applicable Third Parties providing services in regard to this Site, employ cookies on this Site and how you, the site user, have the options to control them. Cookies will only be used in accordance with their designated purposes as stated in the Cookie Policy and in the Privacy Policy. Please note that we reserve the right to modify or add to the Cookie Policy. As we seek to constantly improve the Services and as our Site continues to expand, the Cookie Policy shall apply to any new Services that we offer on our Site. Moreover, it may become necessary to adapt or expand the policies and procedures. When the Cookie Policy has been updated, you will notice that the “Effective Date” will reflect the date on which the updated policy went into effect. Your continued use of this Site shall be your expressed agreement to the most recently updated Cookie Policy of this Site. If you would like any further clarification of any policies and procedures that are in the Cookie Policy, please contact us by written correspondence, and we will respond in a timely manner. In the meantime, do not use the Site if you are not in complete agreement of our policies and regulations as your use is your consent to adhere to the modified terms and policies set forth. Should we need to modify or expand the Cookie Policy, then the up-to-date terms and policies shall supersede any previous provisions to which you agreed.


In order to understand how we use cookies, it is first imperative to understand the definition of a cookie. A cookie is a small file containing a small amount of data, which may include an anonymous unique identifier, that a website puts, or stores within text files of the local storage, on the technological device from which the site user accesses a website in order to assist the site administrators in providing services more efficiently and/or effectively. Cookies have different types of functionality depending on the type employed and may be initiated each time a website is opened in a browser or each time a new page is accessed by the site user. Cookies enable the administrative team to track and analyze Site activity and determine certain types of useful information, such as if the site user is a repeat visitor and what pages are most often frequented. In such, cookies help the administrative team to develop a more comprehensive understanding as to the preferences or usage by the site users. Cookies may either be employed alone or alongside other technological tracking mediums, such as “web beacons” or “pixels”, tags, and scripts which also contain limited amount of code often for the purpose of informing the administrative team as to how site users are interacting with the Services provided on the Site. The cookies which we use include Strictly Necessary Cookies, which are necessary for executing the basic services on this Site and include security cookies intended to assist in detecting, as well as averting, potential security risks; Performance Cookies, which serve the function of allowing us to see how the sit users interact with this Site and the Services and provide us a means to data which we can analyze; Functionality Cookies, which permit us to store the preferences of our site users; and Targeting Cookies, which are used in correlation with our ad program. As a site user, you have the right to not allow Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC to collect cookies from you. You can instruct your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. However, please bear in mind that if you choose to reject cookies, then there will be portions of this Site that will not function properly and, thus, may be unavailable to you. Please consult this Cookie Policy for more information regarding the types of cookies that Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC collects and for our usage of cookies. Should you wish to prevent, manage, or delete cookies, please refer to your browser settings.


Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC reserves the right to use cookies for the following purposes:

  • AUTHENTICATION AND PERFORMANCE: We use cookies to protect the security of our site users. Cookies help us to regulate our Terms and Conditions with regards to assisting us in the detection and combat of unpermitted actions that would violate our Policies, such as the posting of spam. With the use of cookies, we are able to monitor the content that is posted on this Site more effectively. Moreover, we are able to provide a more efficient experience for site users as they navigate through the pages within this Site.
  • IDENTIFICATION AND CUSTOMIZATION: We use cookies to help provide a more customized experience for our site users. As site users engage in actions in which they make their preferences known, cookies allow us to customize the Services with respect to the preferences selected. For example, cookies can help us to remember the country from which a user is accessing this Site and determine which actions a site user has completed. Additionally, cookies may allow us to remember preferences not only on the current device used to access this Site by the user but across a variety of technological devices utilized by this Site user to access this Site over a span of time.
  • ANALYSIS AND IMPROVEMENT: Every page view constitutes an action on this Site, and as site users browse through this Site, frequent various pages, and choose to engage in the Services that we offer, cookies are able to recall such factors as what pages have most recurrently been visited allowing us the opportunity to provide more content geared towards the trends of our site users. Moreover, cookies help us determine the site users’ preferred method(s) of viewing this Site, such as which types of devices and browsers are most frequently used, so that we can improve our site design and usability on these viewing platforms. Through measurement and analysis, we use cookies to help us more comprehensively understand how site users interact with this Site, and, as we gain insight regarding how site users use the Services, it is our goal to take measures that will improve the overall experience for those who visit this Site.
  • ADVERTISEMENT: Cookies will help us to not only deliver ads, but they will help us gauge the efficacy of the ads on this Site. We will, then, be able to display ads that our site users seem to express a higher level of interest in viewing. By allowing us to measure the level of which our site users may interact with the ads, through such means as the clicks of ad links, cookies will allow us to work more effectively with our advertising partners so that they are able to offer quality ads that cater to the interest of our site users. Additionally, cookies will help us to market the Services found on this Site more effectively.


We use cookies throughout this Site, especially in correlation with the Services that provide opportunities for user interaction. While some cookies may be set when a new page is loaded, others may be used only when site users engage in actions. As site users navigate through this Site, cookies can help us to determine which pages are most often frequented. In order to monitor activity on this Site and improve security for our site visitors, we collect the following data from those using the Services: IP address, user agent, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, and country code. While a site user may choose to opt-out of some of the information that we are able to collect by adjusting their browser settings, it should be noted that preventing us from collecting cookies can affect the functionality of some of the Services that we provide, and, thus, the site user may not be able to participate in some of the site activities. Moreover, the site user must also bear in mind that we will still be able to collect some information from the user’s interaction on this Site in such cases as when the site user chooses to submit content via forms. While, as per our Privacy Policy, Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC is mindful to not share any personal information that would identify a user to any unauthorized Third Party, site users are admonished to use care when submitting personal information. For more information regarding our practices in regard to collecting, storing, and processing Personal Data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


The span of time in which a cookie will remain on the technological device which the site user uses to access this Site will vary depending on the functionality of the cookie. There are two primary types of cookies utilized by this Site: “session” cookies and “persistent” cookies. While session cookies are intended to be employed only during the timeframe (or “session”) during which the site user visits this Site and will terminate once the site user ceases browsing on this Site, persistent cookies are stored on the technological device of the site user until their pre-established time period or until they are deleted by the site user. Session cookies are intended for single session use, whereas persistent cookies may be used for repeat visits. Moreover, persistent cookies are used to remember the site user’s acceptance of the cookie notice when it is first presented on this Site.


There are four types of cookies that Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC employs in the functionality of this Site. Each cookie is intended for specific purposes as stated below:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies, as their name implies, are those that are necessary for executing the basic services on this Site. Strictly necessary cookies are used in navigating through the various pages on this Site and in accessing some restricted services. The use of these cookies assist in identifying the browsing session and remembering pertinent information so that a site user is able to access the Services. Strictly necessary cookies include security cookies which are intended to assist in detecting, as well as averting, potential security risks.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies serve the function of allowing us to see how site users interact with this Site and provide us a means to data which we can analyze, such as what webpages are frequented the most, in order to allow us the opportunity to assess and improve the Services of this Site. Performance cookies also alleviate the pressure that is extended to the backend operation of this Site.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies permit us to store the preferences of our site users. With the assistance of functionality cookies, we are able to remember how a user has adapted the Services to the user’s preferences. The information provided by these cookies are strictly used in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions which govern this Site and will not be used to track user’s interactions outside of this Site.
  • Targeting Cookies: These cookies are used in correlation with our ad program. They assist us in recognizing how site users interact with ads displayed on this Site, what types of ads seem to interest site users the most, and to what level ads appear effective. By providing such details as the amount of unique site users that each ad attracts, we are able to improve our advertisement and marketing program and gain support from our advertisement partners and other business partners who benefit from aggregate data.


In addition to categorizing cookies by their functionality, we can classify cookies according to the domain to which they belong. There are two primary types of cookies with respect to the domain from which they originate. First-party cookies are those which are set by this Site and share our domain. Conversely, Third-Party cookies are those that another party places on the device used to access this Site through means of the Services that we provide generally for the purpose of tracking online activity. These cookies may be placed by a party who is providing a service for Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC. For instance, an authorized Third-Party providing service for us may place cookies on this Site in order to monitor usage and help us to analyze the efficacy of the Services found on this Site. Additionally, Third-Party cookies may be used by our advertising partners to display ads outside of our domain and to monitor the interaction of site visitors with the ads. Third-Party ads occur when one of our webpages reference a file, such as JavaScript, or embedded content which is located outside of our domain. Unlike first-party cookies, we do not directly control the data gathered by Third-Party cookies.


In some of the emails that we send to our users, there may be web beacon pixels or tracked links which may provide us with such information as to when the email has been opened and which, if any, of the links in the email have been accessed. This information helps us to assess the effectiveness of the emails and determine which areas of content most interest our users so that we can improve the Services found on this Site. Site users can control the access of information obtained by these pixels by deleting the email; choosing to receive email in plain text, rather than HTML; or unsubscribing to our mailing list using the information provided in the email,


While browsing and engaging in the Services found on this Site, site users may be viewing content which is hosted on Third-Party Sites by Third-Party Companies. Each of these Third-Party Companies may collect some personal information such as the IP address from the users of this Site whether or not the site users actively choose to interact with the content on this Site. A Third Party which we have utilized while creating this Site is Google LLC, and the service which they provide us is Google Fonts, a service which allows us the opportunity to provide visually appealing fonts to our site users. As a result of us using this service provided by Google LLC, all site users of Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC are subject to having their IP addresses, usage data, and any other personal information specified in Google LLC’s associated privacy policy collected by Google LLC. Please note that Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC has no control regarding how Google LLC collects, stores, processes, and use site users’ personal data and disclaims all liability for Google LLC’s collection, storage, processing, and usage of site users’ personal data. We highly recommend that site users visit Google LLC’s privacy policy prior to continuing use of Inspire 4 A Lifetime LLC’s site as your continued use of this Site indicates your expressed consent to allow Google LLC to collect, store, process, and use your personal data that it collects from you in accordance with its privacy policy. Also note that the place of processing for Google LLC is the United States and that Google LLC is a Privacy Shield participant. As Google LLC is a data controller, should you wish to request the withdrawal of your consent in regards to allowing Google LLC to access and use your personal information in accordance with its privacy policy, please contact Google LLC.

In addition to viewing fonts presented and hosted by Google LLC, you may find content on this Site which has been embedded from a variety of Third-Party sources, each of which are hosted by a Third-Party company which has its own privacy policy to which site users of this Site are subject. Please note that Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC has no control regarding how these Third Parties collect, store, process, and use the site users’ personal data. These Third Parties may be able to perform such actions as collecting site users’ personal information, including their IP addresses, implementing cookies, and/or tracking activity and may choose to do so through such means as utilizing additional Third Parties; these Third Parties may also be able to monitor interaction with the content which is embedded on this Site and, if the site user is also a member on the website which belongs to the Third Party, may be able to associate and perform actions under the site user’s username and account which is associated with the membership on the Third-Party’s site. Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC disclaims all liability for Third Parties’ collection, storage, processing, and usage of site users’ personal data as well as any actions which Third Parties choose to perform in regards to our site users’ activity on this Site. We highly recommend that you, the site user, review the privacy policies and terms and conditions associated with these Third Parties prior to continuing use of Inspire 4 A Lifetime LLC’s site as your continued use of this Site indicates your expressed consent to allow these Third Parties to collect, store, process, and use your personal data that they collect from you in accordance with their privacy policies, as well as perform any other actions which they have specified within their privacy policies and terms and conditions. Please contact us if you require any information regarding how to withdraw consent. Please note that the Third Parties which currently may be able to be embedded include such entities as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Photobucket, and Flickr.


DNT is a web browser setting that allows site users to request that sites do not track their online activity. While we do not support DNT, we respect the privacy of our site users and do not track our site users’ activity for reasons other than those which are associated with the functionality of the Services and performance of this Site. It is the goal of Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC that all site users feel comfortable frequenting this Site and that they know that their security is of utmost importance to us. We refrain from taking any actions that would compromise the trust that our site users invest in us. While we do not have direct control over the information gathered by Third-Party Sites, we also make every feasible effort to only work with reliable Third-Parties who share our vision for providing the Services in a way that maintains the confidence and respect of our site users.


While the use of cookies is important to the functionality and improvement of this Site, Inspire 4 A Lifetime, LLC understands that there may be times in which a site user will desire to limit the information that can be accessed from cookies. Site users should bear in mind that they have options when it comes to restricting or preventing how we, our affiliates, and other Third Parties use cookies. Cookies can be controlled by each site user in a few ways. First, most site users can refer to the web browsers from which they are accessing this Site in order to modify the settings of the browser to accept or refuse cookies, to request that permission be sought each time that this Site attempts to set a cookie, and to specify the length of time that cookies are to be stored. Additionally, site users can delete cookies upon request from the setting of most browsers. Moreover, site users may be able to control ad tracking through the settings in their browsers on their mobile devices, as well as opt-out of providing information gathered from analytics. As managing cookies is dependent on the browser used to access the web pages on this Site, site users desiring to control cookies may have to repeat the methods used to control the cookies each time that a new browser or technological device is used to access this Site or each time that cookies are cleared from the browser. Your continued use of this Site indicates your consent to the use of cookies as explained in this Cookie Policy as well as the Privacy Policy which governs this Site. When a site user consents to the use of cookies, it is possible that they may view ads from our Third Party advertising partners. The site user can change preferences to accept or refuse cookies, but each site user should consider that the action that the site user takes with regards to cookies can directly impact the services to which the site user is allotted access on this Site as some of the Services that we provide may not be available or may not function properly without the use of cookies. Site users who desire further information about cookies, their functionality, and their settings may read more about them by visiting Third-Party resources.


In order to assist site users in understanding how to control cookies, many creators of browsers provide information regarding the procedures that can be implemented to manage cookies. Listed below are some of the most common browsers, as well as links to the information that they provide regarding cookies.

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For other browsers, please consult the documentation that your browser manufacturer provides.