Cre8ed2Love is an initiative which will include a variety of projects that are aimed at emphasizing love and kindness. The current project for this initiative is our anti-bullying project. Please consider participating in this project and stay tuned as additional projects will be announced soon.

Anti-Bullying Project: Be a Piece in Bringing Peace

WPeace by Piecee are asking for as many people as are willing to speak up against bullying. Many people around the world have experienced the effects of bullying in one way or another. No one is exempt from bullying. It occurs both physically, as well as virtually, and its consequences can be severe even to the point where some who have been bullied try to take their own lives. It is past time that we speak up to let society know that discrimination, belittlement, and other forms of malevolence are not alright. When we lift our voices and stand united, we send a powerful message that echoes throughout the globe. There are several ways that we can let our voices against bullying be known, some of which are by taking a picture with an inspirational sign, filming a short video, creating a drawing, or writing an excerpt, such as a poem or short story. Whatever creative way you choose to express yourself, we would like you to consider sharing a message which emphasizes the importance of ending bullying with us so that we may post it on the site. Submission of content will be able to be viewed by other readers, and it is our hope that people who visit the site will not only recognize the importance of addressing the critical matter of bullying but also be inspired to join with the many others who take a stand.

We kindly ask that, prior to making a submission, you take a moment to read about our content regulations within our Terms and Conditions and the file regulations listed below. If your file does not meet the file size regulations found below or you want to film a video with a longer duration, please contact us so that we can provide an alternative means of submitting it to us.

Permitted File Types and Sizes

  • Image Files: GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Maximum Image File Upload Size: 3 MB
  • Video Files (Maximum Duration of 15 seconds): MOV, MP4, MPG
  • Maximum Video File Upload Size: 30 MB