Deciding to Initiate Change


“Ask yourself how you would act were all the world looking at you, and act accordingly.” –
Thomas Jefferson

Once you realize that change is needed and that you are empowered to make a difference, it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to set forth and help accomplish the change. Nobody else can make this decision for you, and you must be passionate about the change as effort on your part will be required. Some of the first steps in the process will be to determine your vision for the future and choose whether you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to pursue your goals. It is the vision that can keep you focused on your actions and provide the motivation to achieve. It is possible that the visions you have may be altered, and that is alright. In fact, many people will rethink their goals multiple times throughout the course of life. However, if you don’t allow yourself to dream, then you deprive yourself of the necessary ingredient for ambition. People who lack goals often may be more prone to give up or to not even try in the first place, and you are not on Earth by accident but, rather, to have a purposeful existence. While you may want to consult others for their advice regarding your decision to engage in making changes, you must remember to stay true to who you are and to what you believe. Sometimes, your decisions may not be popular and may cause you to feel alienated from some of your peers, but your courage and confidence to stand firm for your values will help you prosper throughout life, as well as inspire others to take a stance on issues. As you are accountable for your own actions, you must also remember to do what is right, despite what others are saying about you. As you listen to the messages contained within some songs, you may realize that critics can and will often hate on you without taking the time to first understand you but that you should always be proud to be yourself and to not let anyone dictate your course in life. Furthermore, if you are considering taking a stand and making a change, you should know that the process by which changes are made often takes time, as well as possibly fiscal resources, and that you will need to have perseverance and steadfastness. You must consider whether you are willing and able to take the necessary steps for desired change.

A Vision for the World

No more hunger, No more pain
No more bloodshed, No crimson stain
No more shootings, no more fears
No more shouting, no more tears
No more hatred, no walls built high
No more inequality, no dreams that die
No more homelessness, no more poor
No more missed opportunities, not a closed door
No more illness, no more disease
No more injustice, no liberties that cease
No more bullying, no more oppressed
No more being overly stressed
No more trying to fit in, no more hiding from the people we are
No more obstacles which hinder us from reaching our star

Imagine what the world would be
If we could live in peace and unity
If we could follow our dreams, no matter how great
If there was no injustice, no inequality, no hate
If we made it our goal to love one another
If we showed respect and compassion towards every sister and brother

Don’t hold off for another day
What you were meant to be today.
You are meant for others to know;
You have a light that only you can show.
Don’t worry what others do or say;
Being yourself is the only way
To make a difference that will last eternally
And to live your legend for the world to see.

We’re heading toward our destination;
Get on board.
No time now for procrastination;
Get on board.
The world has to hear what we have to say.
We can’t save our voice for another day;
So, get on board.

We’ve got a mission of love that we need to share,
We’ve got hope and we’ve got prayer,
But we’re looking for an army of people who care;
So, get on board.

Questions for Consideration

  • What is your vision for the future?
  • Does it seem likely that the possible benefits reaped from the results of the changes will outweigh associated negative ramifications?
  • What value do you place on your desires?
  • Have you analyzed the sacrifices that may be required to accomplish your goals, and, if so, are you willing to take these measures?

Are You Willing To…

Set other things apart
Assess your priorities
Create a plan to focus on your goals
Rest assured that you can make a difference
Insist on victory by not giving up
Follow your heart

Invest yourself and resources into your vision
Commit to your ambitions
Encourage yourself to succeed despite adversity

Suggested Songs

  • A Head Full of Dreams – Coldplay
  • Beautiful Dream – Sheryl Crow
  • Beautiful Reality – Sia
  • Champion – Fall Out Boy
  • Change – T-Pain ft. Akon, Diddy, & Mary J. Blige
  • Dancing in My Dreams – Tina Turner
  • Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac
  • High Hopes – Panic! at the Disco
  • I Believe In Miracles – Ramones
  • If I Can Dream – Elvis Presley
  • Just Imagine It – MKTO
  • Let There Be Peace on Earth – Vince Gill
  • Look Through My Eyes – Phil Collins
  • Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
  • My Calling – AJR
  • The Impossible Dream (The Quest) – Richard Kiley
  • Time for Me to Fly – Jonas Brothers
  • Up – Ships Have Sailed

“You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin