Enhancing Strength through Experiences

Enhancing Strength through Weaknesses

Can you imagine what your day would be like without music? Music provides us with the drive to keep pressing forth as we wake up, the motivation to work diligently, and the relaxation to unwind after a stressful day, but it is also a part of so many other daily activities in which we engage. Think of all the ways in which music is incorporated into your daily schedule. Whether it be played in the background of many locales or incorporated into television programs and movies, music is often around even when we may not recognize its immediate presence. Music has the power to help us get through our days because it provides the vibes to which we relate and move; living beings are purposed to thrive on music. The lyrics, sound, and movement of music keep our souls alive like air to our lungs. Artists who create such artistic works as music play significant roles in our abilities to flourish. Among its many benefits, music speaks and shows us that we are part of an interactive and involved system. While we are strengthened by the songs of artists, we are also inspired by their stories. In order to share their hearts’ beats, many artists have travailed through what seems to be the highest of mountains and deepest of seas. They have undergone substantial sacrifice and have battled obstacles in the realms of physical, mental, emotional, and soulful health, such as physical ailments, insecurities, depression, anxiety, heartache, loss, and injustice. Often, they have confronted both internal and external opposition on their journeys and some have felt like giving up at least once during their course of pursuing their ambitions. Yet, through such keys as their abilities to relate to others via their artistic creativity that they share and the abilities to express themselves through such means as lyrics and instrumentation of songs, they have found, as well as demonstrated, the strength, determination, tenacity, courage, and willingness to reach others along their way. We listen to these artists, we celebrate their work, and we honor them, but many times we are not aware of the extent or intensity of the obstacles that they have overcome or through which they are in the process of persevering while sharing their art. The knowledge and wisdom with which artists have been imparted and which they can pass down to others is enlightening. Through sharing their personal stories, artists are able to assist us in gaining insight and seeing the world through a new perspective; expand our horizons by cultivating our understanding regarding a variety of topics; increase our possibilities of making a difference; and realize that, although there may be times that we feel alone, scared, or disheartened, we have the ability to persevere through each day, rise above our obstacles, and keep pressing forth towards our ambitions because we are truly not alone and because we can draw strength from the inspiration of those who have lead the way. In this section, our ambition is to learn from as many artists as are willing to share some of their experiences and what they have discovered along their journeys. We are glad to present artists with opportunities to share their reflections for inclusion within this site by contacting us at leaders@inspire4alifetime.com, and we sincerely appreciate artists’ willingness to contribute to our online community.