2Love4th Virtual Camp and Festival: Coming June 24th - July 4th

Artistic Presentations and Interactive Learning

2Love4th Virtual Camp

A Free Arts & Education Camp and Festival Designed to Benefit a Variety of Charities Selected by Various Leaders Who Have Made Impacts through the Realms of Education & the Arts

Daily Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Festivities

Motivational Sessions

Welcoming a New Day

Strive 4 Excellence

Love & Leadership Discussions

Culinary Sessions

Dining & Dreaming

Poppin’ Nutrition

A Symphony of Ingredients

Arts & Crafts

Creativity Connections

Call 2 Crafting

Cre8ed2Love Unity Projects

Learning Sessions

Adventurers Embark Reading Club

Writing4AVision Workshop

STEAM Beyond the Horizons

Math Mappings: Games and Competitions

Fun with Science

Around-the-World Exploration

El Ritmo del Español

Learning Q&As

Stellar Study Prep Trivia

Activities & Events

Fitness with Friends

Game Grit

Team-Building Exercises

Spirit Rally & Challenges

Nightly 2Love4th Festival Featuring a Variety of Performances and Discussions

Nightly Special Events

Light the Sky After-Parties on Select Nights

Additional Festivities To Be Announced

Special Events

June 24th: By Your Side Campfire Gathering and Anti-Bullying Rally

June 25th: My Rockin’ World Talent Show, Fashion Show, and Cultural Celebration

June 26th: Live the Music Formal

June 27th: Feeling My Best Fest

June 28th: Givetures Night of Giving

June 29th: Care Over Chaos Rally

June 30th: Champions Care Celebration

July 1st: Rel8ive Arts Expo and El8ed Learning Game Night

July 2nd: Murals of Love Lighting Ceremony

July 3rd: Glow with Me Party

July 4th2Strive4th Leadership Party, Parade, and Recognition Ceremony

Additional Features

Daily Showcase


Vision Boards

Games, Polls, Puzzles, Surveys, and Trivia

Topics of Focus

• Being and Loving Yourself

• Extending Love & Kindness

• Addressing Bullying

• Celebrating Diversity, Unity, and Inclusion

• Raising Mental Health Awareness

• Persevering Through Life’s Journey

• Promoting Health and Safety

• Prioritizing Altruism and Activism

• Sharing Your Vision to Enrich the Quality of Life

• Cultivating Progress Through Citizenship

• Taking Care of the Earth and Earth’s Inhabitants

• Understanding the Importance of Continual and Engaged Learning

• Transcending Boundaries through the Arts & Education

• Establishing Lasting Legacies

• Demonstrating Quality Leadership


Stay Tuned for Additional Upcoming Events


Tour Dates Coming Soon

Please contact us at events@inspire4alifetime.com if you would like to request more information regarding any of our events, discover how you can participate in the events, and/or inquire about having Inspire 4 A Lifetime speak at your school or organization.