Extending Kindness

Being There for Others

Suggested Song: “Treat People with Kindness” – Harry Styles

Although everybody faces obstacles within their paths in lives, we live in a world in which some people often feel like they are alone and have nobody available to help them through their adversities. We must remember to be there for one another and help each other realize that our dreams can be achieved if we continue to be who we are and continue to persevere despite our hardships. It is advisable that we listen carefully, speak caringly, and attempt to understand situations from various perspectives. We must aim to be uplifting and let people know that we accept them for who they are and are available when they need us. Additionally, in order to be the lights that help guide people to their victories, we should choose to extend to them kindness and a genuine unconditional love. Kindness is a word that is often taken for granted and treated synonymously with sweet, but kindness goes beyond being sweet. It entails putting thought into action, showing consideration for others, and placing value on someone beyond ourselves. Can you imagine how someone’s life may turn around because they feel valued? Kindness has the ability to make a difference in people’s lives by helping lift their morale, by showing them that they matter, and by restoring their faith in humanity. It is similar to compassion, but whereas compassion is based on a need seen, kindness can be extended whether or not the need is obvious. We need more kindness in this world; yet, many people forego demonstrating kindness for various reasons. For example, due to living in a fast-paced world, some people may forget to take the time to extend themselves to others, but a kind act does not need to be time consuming or some grand effort; instead, the smallest acts, such as holding the door open, saying an uplifting message, or even smiling, can help brighten someone’s day. Some people may also not extend kindness due to fear that their gestures could be interpreted incorrectly or to feeling that they have been wronged or unappreciated. Even though people may not always feel like offering gestures of kindness, it is important they try to rise above whatever is preventing them and show kindness for others. When extended, kindness usually has a way of being reciprocated, and it can not only turn bad situations around but also bring peace and hope. Kindness is often contagious, and it can spread quickly. Through offering kindness to all and letting people know that we are there for them in both their good and troublesome times, we can make a major impact within this world.

Some people are looking for the fanciest gifts
Those that sparkle, those that shine, those which cause heads to lift
But it’s not the luxurious that holds the most value
Rather, it’s the unbreakable bonds that stand tried and true
It’s the way that you love; it’s the way that you care
It’s the way that you’re present when no one else seems to be there
It’s the way that you listen and try to understand
It’s the way that you share of yourself and lend a helping hand

These are the things that money can’t buy
And people can’t live without no matter how they may try
These are the treasures that will make the world brighter
That will comfort the downtrodden and make the loads seem lighter
So sparkle and shine the way that you do
By being there for others, by being the light that pulls someone through
Lift heads through the legacy that you live
Let your gift be the love and the kindness that you give

Reach out. Let someone know you care,
And through what may, you will be there,
With ears to listen and a heart to love,
With kindness, with encouragement.
You may not understand but trust that you make a difference.