FAQs for Online Classes

What Are Some Online Resources We Offer through the 2Strive4th Program?

Inspire 4 A Lifetime strives to provide quality educational and motivational resources in order to assist people in staying on top of their education, inspired about pursuing their ambitions, and motivated to serve as effective leaders. We know that the integration of education and the arts serves as a significant catalyst in assisting people to cultivate such qualities as the courage and confidence to achieve their objectives and create transformational positive impacts. Thus, we offer a variety of activities, challenges, and other aids which may serve as assets in helping people along their paths to attaining their academic, career, and life goals. The 2Strive4th Program is designed to assist participants in being victorious along life’s path, developing leadership skills, and creating lasting legacies through studying, training, inspiring, venturing, and enduring. Within the 2Strive4th Program, site users will have the opportunities to view a variety of articles and presentations; to explore Impactful Initiatives; to participate in Activities 4 Advancement, as well as a variety of leadership events; to be part of the Collaborators’ Connection, and to enroll in the Progress4wards Incentive Program. We invite site users to share their thoughts, ideas, and creative content to contribute to the program. A leadership opportunities chart is available which suggests some of the many actions that participants can employ to contribute to the 2Strive4th Program. In addition to the 2Strive4th Program, we offer many other activities and other opportunities on the site, some of which are within the MUSIC thematic units which focus on the areas of movement, unity, strength, and change. Site users are encouraged to delve into the site, check out our many features, and take a proactive role in participating in the resources that we offer.

Why Are We Offering Online Resources?

Involved in the educational field for many years, our team members understand the importance of customized learning in developing the confidence to achieve academic, career, and personal goals. Confidence is key to growth – it is believing in the ability to successfully complete an action, having the drive to set and accomplish goals, and maintaining the perseverance to keep pressing forth no matter what obstacles may try to stand in the way. Confidence is beneficial in leading people to see that they are valuable and that they play significant roles in achieving change. We recognize the importance of confidence as a considerable contributor to creating the positive transformation that is needed in society. However, we also understand that confidence is a quality that must be established and nurtured over time. As part of our 2Strive4th Program, we seek to help our site users gain confidence by offering them a variety of online resources, such as online classes focused on a variety of academic subjects and electives, as well as a wide array of activities and support opportunities designed to promote success in accomplishing their goals. It is our hope that the resources assist our site users in reaching brighter places and can…

Be keys which help heighten awareness regarding a variety of critical issues
Renew strength and perspective through collaboration and the sharing of experiences
Inspire people to strategize and develop creative ways to effectively resolve the challenges that are prevalent in society
Give people a positive community to which they belong
Help people to strive forth with determination to be quality leaders
Transform negativity into positivity by prioritizing love, kindness, and support
Encourage people to embrace their unique characteristics
Reach people where they are and help them realize that they are not alone on their journeys

Promote a more progressive world in which altruism replaces apathy
Lead the way to more conscientious decisions which could promote higher civic engagement, such as voter turnout
Aim at motivating people to look towards the future with vision and optimism
Cultivate a united stance that is significant in achieving goals
Emphasize the importance of each individual in taking a proactive stance towards positive change
Support people who are improving the quality of life for others

Please note that while the information on this page will provide you with additional details regarding our online classes, we encourage you to check out further pages of our 2Strive4th Program for information regarding additional resources.

What Experience Do Our Instructors Have?

Our team consists of instructors and mentors who have had extensive experience in the field of education and have earned numerous accolades for their quality instruction, which includes teaching and tutoring students of all ages ranging from elementary school through college. Our educators have worked with students in the public, private, and homeschool sectors and have taught both within traditional school settings, as well as online. Moreover, our instructors are proficient in creating and implementing curriculum and are specialized in customizing curriculum according to students’ educational needs in accordance with the objectives outlined in state guidelines. As instructors and mentors who have achieved great success in teaching students with a variety of learning gifts and challenges in a vast array of subjects, including math, language arts, reading, writing, science, social studies, art, music, and Spanish, our team members are confident in their skills and strategies to assist students who are willing to learn and to, likewise, equip them with the skills and strategies to feel confident and excited about their learning.

What Are Our Beliefs Regarding Education?

At Inspire 4 A Lifetime, we believe that every person, regardless of learning obstacles, is able to learn and that learning should be a positive and motivational experience. We also believe in the power of integrating academics and the arts. The integration of both of these fields can help people as they develop vision and recognize their transformational role in achieving progress within their own lives and within society, create and implement goals, develop skills and strategies, and build lasting legacies that will continue to impact lives throughout time. Quality education should purpose to assist people in cultivating effective leadership traits and should be affordable and accessible.

Who May Benefit from Our Online Classes?

We invite people with a passion and willingness to learn to attend our online classes. Please note that, while we have been designing our online classes, we have sought to make the content offered through our courses beneficial to every individual. Some people who may find our classes to be resourceful in achieving their goals include people who desire to enhance their skills and strategies, engage in home education, learn new subjects at accelerated rates, review concepts which they have previously studied, assess their knowledge, prepare for college entrance, consider information pertinent to advancing or changing their careers, and/or support others in achieving their educational goals. Additionally, as we know that we are living in trying times in which the methods of education are quickly shifting according to the needs within society and in which many educational programs are shifting from classes within physical locales to online instruction due to such factors as health and safety, we are here to help students who need assistance in becoming acquainted with a new way of learning. The educational resources that Inspire 4 A Lifetime offers are able to be utilized in ways that will most effectively address students’ academic goals. Whether students are using the resources as they embark on learning full-time at home or as they supplement a different educational plan from a public or private school, they may find the resources that we offer to be assets to their plans. Additionally, parents may choose to use the educational resources in order to cultivate their own abilities should they need review or reinforcement as they seek to assist their children with their academic endeavors. While our educational resources are not age restrictive, it is important to remember that, as is the case with the use of all content on this site, the use of educational resources requires that site users be at least thirteen years old, if a resident of the United States; sixteen years old, if a resident of the European Union; or of allowed age, if a resident elsewhere. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.

When Will Online Classes Take Place?

Strive4Learning Online Classes and educational resources for the 2020-2021 academic year will be offered commencing on September 8, 2020 and culminating on June 25, 2021. The academic year will be divided into three thirteen-week trimesters, each of which will feature suggested time for classes, review, assessments, and ten days of leadership camp. Additionally,  Insight2Learning Online Express Courses which span over a four-week period with class frequency varying between two to three times per week depending on the course will be announced soon.

How and When Can You Enroll for Strive4Learning Online Classes?

In order to accommodate as many people as possible, we kindly ask that you please use the registration forms to sign up for any Strive4Learning Online Class(es) in which you are interested in attending. We will contact you with additional information regarding the classes.

How Do Our Online Classes Differ from Many Others?

1. Comprehensive: The learning resources that we offer are tailored to help people with a variety of educational needs. For those people who are utilizing the resources as a guide in attaining quality education at home, we design our curriculum to meet state guidelines by offering material for a wide array of subjects. We also provide resources for planning such as lesson plans and monthly calendars for suggested curriculum implementation. Moreover, such resources as worksheets, activities, and projects are intended to assist those students who seek advancement in their home studies, who desire to utilize the resources to supplement their traditional education, or who would like to pursue a variety of other educational, career, and life goals. While our classes are not intended to override or serve as sole solutions for any mandates that legal guardians may have in educating their own children, they are beneficial in addressing a variety of concepts and can serve
as a review, refresher, or resource for new content depending on the need of each student.

2. Comprehensible: Although our resources and classes offer a significant amount of information, we present the information in an engaging, effective, and efficient manner which is not overwhelming, but which, rather, is clear, concise, and comprehensible for all students regardless of previous knowledge.

3. Customized: Our learning resources are customizable in a variety of ways. First, they are able to be used to meet a wide array of needs. Resources can be used in a manner that will help students advance their goals as students can choose the classes and available material that will assist them in pursuing their educational objectives. For example, it is possible for students to use resources from more than one math course, such as Algebra and Geometry. Additionally, the level of challenge presented through the resources can be customized according to students’ particular learning needs.

4. Creative: As we recognize that students learn in unique ways, we strive to present educational material using diverse approaches so that participants of the classes, as well as people using the other educational resources that we offer, may employ the methods that are most conducive to their learning styles. As we prioritize the integration of the arts and education, we use a variety of creative means to offer quality learning experiences. Since we believe that interaction and application are significantly more effective than such methods of learning as memorization and regurgitation, we offer plentiful suggestions for interface learning, such as activities and projects. Additionally, we advocate the collaborative efforts of artists and other leaders to help introduce and reinforce learning via such means as leader-led learning sessions and live chats. Moreover, within our suggested academic year curriculum, we offer three ten-day leadership camps which are intended to stimulate learning through motivational and inspirational events. These camps will feature a variety of informative and interactive activities and festivities purposed to enhance learning and leadership. During these camps, students will showcase their educational experience and skills acquired through projects and performances which they share.

5. Collaborative: Within the Strive4Learning Online Classes taking place during the 2020-2021 academic year, students will be encouraged to engage in a variety of team projects which will be designed to enhance learning and heighten communication. These team projects will be conducted through such means as group chats. Additionally, there are a variety of other collaborative initiatives that can be found within our 2Strive4th Program in which students will be encouraged to partake, such as 2Reach4th Peer Mentorship.

6. Correlative: A key component of the educational resources that we provide is that they are correlative. As reinforcement has proven highly beneficial in assisting students to remember the concepts learned, we make efforts to correlate subject material through cross-curriculum planning. In addition, we integrate a weekly thematic emphasis which emphasizes leadership into lesson planning. For example, a week in which Discovery is the thematic emphasis would feature lessons from each subject that correlate to the theme of discovery.

7. Connective: The Progress4wards Incentive Program, which will be initiated during the 2020-2021 academic year, will award participants for their efforts in education and leadership. Many resources that we offer on the site, such as the Strive4Learning Online Classes, will tie into this incentive program. When people who are signed up for the incentive program register and attend a class, they will be eligible to receive, complete, and submit their responses to the exercise/activity that may supplement the class. Upon receiving and grading their submission, we will assign points to their completed exercise/activity based on the grade that they earn. As they accumulate points, they will be eligible for different types of rewards which are dependent on the amount of points earned. More details about this program can be found by clicking here.

What Can You Expect to Learn in These Online Classes?

Our online classes feature a variety of content based on the topics of discussion within each class. Please note that the webpages featuring the tentative schedules for each summer course include a list of topics which may be addressed within each week of classes. Additionally, throughout each class, we will discuss methods which students may choose to utilize in order to cultivate such skills as time management and organization.

How Can You Make the Most out of These Classes?

While attending these classes, students are encouraged to study attentively, take notes, send questions, and complete the supplemental practice assignments provided by the instructors.

How Can You Support Our Efforts in Providing Quality Education?

As we are living in trying times, and, as financial hardships prevail, it is our objective to be considerate of people who are struggling to make ends meet. Since we place an emphasis on quality education, we are currently offering free educational resources so that people who desire to learn may have access to our online resources regardless of their financial status. We ask that those who can benefit from our services and who are willing to assist us in our efforts of providing these resources please consider making a financial contribution on our Support page. Yet, we also invite those who are not able to make a financial contribution to still engage in the same quality online educational resources that are currently available through our site.