Forgiveness seems like an almost impossible feat, especially in the wake of the harsh situations that are plaguing the news. Such execrable acts as murder, intolerance, the ripping apart of families, and bullying warrant frustration and disgust. Additionally, some people who believe they have been wronged or mistreated may not feel like they have the strength to forgive. However, it is vital that people not let bitterness and resentment hinder them from making forward progress. Society needs positive change and cultivation, but growth can take place most effectively when the focus of one’s attention is optimism rather than negativity. Consequently, while it may be very difficult to look past the lofty weights that try to bring us down, it is imperative that we not let resentment get the best of us. Rather, we must learn to take our frustration and use it as a motivating factor to making a beneficial impact. Music can assist us in taking negative energy and channeling it into positive energy.

Great gifts are found within the inner depths of the soul and include
The courage to face each day with hope, with optimism, and with faith
The ability to look beyond the pain, the faults, and the failures and to live with perseverance and drive
The ability to love others despite the hurt that you have undergone
The determination to live life with passion and purpose

The resentment you hold in your heart must be turned around.
Lose the negative thoughts that have your spirit bound.
Let love shine through your pain.
Don’t let bitterness leave its stain.
Revenge and hatred will leave you feeling out of control.
Only love and forgiveness can make you whole.
It’s hard to let go after you have been done wrong,
But ridding yourself of the weights of hate is the way to be truly strong.

Suggested Songs

  • Forgive – Michael W. Smith
  • Forgiveness – Matthew West
  • I Forgive You – Halestorm
  • I Forgive You – Kelly Clarkson
  • Praying – Kesha
  • The Heart of the Matter – Don Henley
  • Unforgivable – Christina Grimmie

If I let hate and bitterness have their way, then I lose the strength that I’ve been blessed with to face each new day.