Formulating Plans of Success

Form a Plan

If you believe that you are ready to make a change, you should begin deciding on a course of action. When making a plan regarding how you will accomplish your goal, you should be idealistic but also realistic about what you are able to change and what results are out of your control as an individual. For example, if you would like to help stop global warming, you may decide to take such actions as recycling, showering for shorter periods of time, and turning off unnecessary lights. While your efforts will be beneficial for the environment, global warming will not end unless thousands of other individuals and companies also take preventive measures. Additionally, during the creation of your plan, you need to consider what will be the most feasible way to accomplish the desired change and whether there are any time constraints, as may be the case with health-related issues, or fiscal constraints. If constraints are imposed, you need to determine how you can overcome these limitations and if the desired outcome will be worth the cost. You also need to contemplate whether or not you will need help achieving the change you envision and how you can solicit the necessary assistance. If you have chosen to partner with other people, you should seek their input. As your plan may ultimately require you to rearrange situations in your life, you may wish to devise short-term and long-term goals to avoid feeling overwhelmed. By taking the time to create a plan, you will be more effective in achieving your goal as it will help you stay focused and find solutions for your problems.

Follow your heart wherever it calls.¬†Focus on the positive; don’t think about the falls.
Keep your eye on the goal, and try to stay on track, but if you lose your way, you can still get back.

Forming a Plan Helps You…

Forget all distractions

Only look forwards

Consistently press forth

Undeterredly head towards victory

Seize each moment until you reach your goal

Form a Plan

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“Winners Never Quit” – Owl City

Stay positive

Overcome obstacles

Live in victory

Value life

Encourage yourself and others