Implementing Change

Implementing Change

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” – Abraham Lincoln

When you have finished formulating your plan for change, it is time to take the actions that you believe will help you achieve the change that you have envisioned. As you may encounter obstacles along your path, a dedicated mind that always stays focused on why you have decided to make the change and refuses to give up on your ambitions is imperative. It is also vital that you don’t neglect your physical, mental, emotional, and soulful well-being, but rather take progressive steps knowing that you are able to accomplish your goals. As change often begins at a small-scale level, you may be the person who sparks a movement that is able to truly improve the world. Explain why your desired change is imperative for society, but do not become discouraged if you hear others disagreeing with you; rather, keep persevering and believing in your values. Realize that faith can move mountains and that, when you believe, you will have the confidence that, when combined with action, can lead to victorious moments. Many artists have increasingly had the courage to speak what are on their minds without fear. They have noticed the need for change and have been willing to take risks for what they believe in and use their voices to make a difference. They have also recognized that progress relies on momentum, the willingness to press forwards despite the obstacles confronted.

There is a fighter inside of me
Waiting to taste the victory,
Searching within for all there is to know,
And standing tall despite any blow.
With a hunger for life and a passion I can’t hide,
I hold my head high, staying true to who I am with confidence and pride.
Keeping my eyes upon the goal
And singing the song that stems from my soul,

I press towards the vision that keeps me alive,
Knowing I can accomplish my dreams as long as I strive.
When nights get dark and storms loom,
For hopelessness or defeat, there will be no room
Because I’ll keep moving forward until success has been achieved.
I will never give up until victory I’ve received.

Questions for Consideration

  • When will you begin action?
  • Have you remembered to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and soulful health?
  • Are you on track to see change?
  • If you have succeeded in accomplishing your goals, are the outcomes that which you envisioned or can they be improved upon?

To Succeed…

Sow a vision into your life and work towards it; dedicate yourself to your passion.

Understand you have the ability to achieve greatness.

Claim your victory before you begin, and remind yourself as you persevere through hardships.

Concern yourself with your goals; do not be hampered by those who are doubtful.

Earn the respect of others by working hard and staying committed.

Exemplify; be an example to others through your actions and beliefs. You should seek not to conform but to transform.

Dream, and don’t stop believing in your future. Once you reach your goal, it is important to keep pressing forth. Use your milestones as stepping stones to reinvent and dream even bigger.

Momentum Involves…

Moving forwards

Optimistically looking ahead

Maintaining total well-being

Encouraging yourself each step of the way

Never giving up

Turning hurdles into help

Undeterredly staying focused

Making each moment count

Suggested Songs

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