Importance of Love

Importance of Love

“It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies.” – Thomas Paine

While many people are trying to make positive changes within today’s society, there are still a large number of new reports regarding acts that are characteristic of discord, hatred, and non-progression. It is discouraging to view and hear that there are people who are reverting to practices, such as racial profiling, which are unacceptable and unconstructive. Tearing others apart is not only counterproductive to the growth that should characterize a forward-moving nation, but it also is devastating and can have no beneficial results. Consider the powerful testimony of a mother who lost her daughter to a heinous tragedy. When interviewed, she stated that she couldn’t even hate the person who killed her loved one because she knew that hate would not bring about any positive change, and her daughter would not want her to contribute to the negativity sought by people marked with hatred. While we emphatically cannot condone the evil acts which have been perpetrated by people whose hearts seem to be filled with hate and prejudice, we must recognize that evil cannot be remedied with more hatred. We must seek to change the plummeting course that is halting the growth of social construction, to victor over evil, and to build effectively. Although we, as dismayed individuals being exposed to the actuality that these events are taking place, can each voice our opinions, it has been proven that strength comes from numbers and, if we desire to see true change for the betterment of society, it is imperative that we be united in our efforts to evoke change. One way in which we can accomplish our goal of a unified society is through edification. Translated as the process of building up, edification mandates that people see past their differences and work together for the common goal of bettering society. Edification is not characterized by serving one’s personal agenda, but, rather, it’s motivated by the unselfish goal of trying to make society more productive for as many people as possible. Moreover, as there is no place for hate in the process of edification, it requires that people learn to be optimistic focusing on the positive. Many artists have realized the need for society to end hatred and have called for unification and edification through their messages and actions.

Come Together…
To let others know they are not alone
To let society realize that hatred and discrimination we will not condone
To unite in a shared vision of love, acceptance, and peace
To let light shine and hope increase
To make a lasting impact that cannot be negated
To raise awareness of critical issues in which intervention must be mandated
To learn, grow, and provide support as we inspire one another
To value and appreciate every sister and brother
To effectuate change and progress more productively
To show that we can rise victoriously

What if together we come
In peace and unity
And put music in front of
Strife and envy?
What if we join
With people in all the land
And learn to sing together
As we take a powerful stand?
What if, despite our differences,
We share our passion and our pride
And dare to be ourselves
Rather than to hide what is inside?
What if we love, what if we live,
What if we take the time to give?
What if, instead of fighting one another,
We communicate productively with our sister and brother?
What if we say no to violence and hate;
What if, instead, we celebrate
The value that each of us can bring
When we join together and sing?

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