InspiNotes: Spin Positivity into the World


We all need encouragement in our lives; it is what gets us through some of our most difficult moments in our lives and what helps us to continue persevering no matter what life brings. We will face trials along our paths, but when we have others who take the time to endure our journeys with us, whether it be through positive words shared, inspiring anecdotes that can provide us the motivation to see that victory is possible, or uplifting morale that can instill within us the willingness to press forth, we become encouraged, energized, and eager to endeavor through life. The goal of InspiNotes™ is to spin positivity into the lives of others through notes in which people can express their appreciation for the differences that others have made in their lives, share positive experiences that have impacted their lives, and provide heartening words that can brighten the days of other people around the globe. InspiNotes is a way to reach out to not only those with whom we are acquainted but also those who we may not know but who visit the site and who, by reading the InspiNotes posted, may gain hope, strength, optimism, and the desire to persevere through their journeys and strive towards their aspirations. Please consider clicking here to share a note of inspiration to light the way for others because, just as in music, where even one musical note can make a difference in the composition of a song, one written note of inspiration can make a difference in the structure of someone’s life.