Inspiration - Outline

Found within this outline are a variety of topics which have been addressed within the Inspiration unit of this website, as well as corresponding questions for consideration. Please click here if you would like to access an activity based on this outline.

Artistic Creativity


Questions to Consider

Finding Inspiration through the Arts

How have the arts helped inspire people across the globe?
In which ways does music contribute to inspiration?
In which ways can our internal songs provide inspiration?

Embracing the Moments

What is the difference between life and existence?
What is life as it relates to inspiration?
Why is it important to cherish the moments along life’s journey?
What are some tips to bear in mind when embracing the moments of life?



Questions to Consider

Serving as an Inspiration

What is inspiration, and what are some of its associated qualities?
Why should we seek to inspire others?
What are some ways in which we can serve as inspirations for others?

Establishing Support Networks

What are some ways in which an effective support system can be beneficial?
What are some important qualities of friendship?
What are some ways in which we can demonstrate supportiveness?



Questions to Consider

Extending Kindness

Why is it critical to extend kindness to people?
How can kindness make a difference in people’s lives?
How does kindness differ from compassion?
What are some ways in which we can extend kindness to others?
What are some reasons that people may neglect extending kindness to others, and what tips should they bear in mind?

Artist-Fan Connections

In which ways do the arts often contribute to the quality of life?
What are some reasons why fans may seek to place an emphasis on artist interaction and develop enduring bonds with artists?
In which ways do many artists serve as inspirations for others?



Questions to Consider

Welcoming New Beginnings

Why is it important to embrace each new day?
In which ways can living in regret be counterproductive to growth?

Pursuing Your Dreams

Why is it important to pursue your dreams?
What can be learned from artists who pursue their dreams?
What are some ways in which we can live courageously?
What may be the negative effects of neglecting to pursue our dreams?