Inspiration - Unit Search

Directions: Based on the writing found within the Inspiration unit of this website, are the following statements True or False?

1. The arts can change the world because they are powerful and far-reaching.

2. One source of inspiration which is able to inspire everyone is music.

3. Time is too valuable not to embrace every opportunity that we have.

4. Many artists set forth examples and send translucent positive messages that inform listeners that it is not only alright but also preferable to be themselves and to embrace their individualities.

5. The soundtrack of our lives is for our own benefits and cannot impact others.

6. The difference between kindness and compassion is that kindness is only demonstrated when a need is obvious.

7. We have a responsibility to be there for ourselves and should not worry about the welfare of others.

8. An effective support system is important as we need people in our lives who can encourage us to be ourselves and to strive towards our ambitions.

9. We should not waste our time with trying to dream or follow our ambitions because we will be disappointed.

10. Embracing our passions will make us feel unfulfilled.

11. The stories that we share about our life experiences can make a difference in the lives of others.

12. Each day is an opportunity to start anew, reinvent yourself, and achieve your goals.

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