Coping with Loss


If I could tell you anything right now,

It would be that I still love you.

Even after all that we’ve been through,

I still love you,

And I know that this love will never go away.

Even when the rain pours down and skies are gray,

I still love you.

Loss, which is a separation or departure from an accustomed way of living, can come in many different forms and can have various effects. Examples of loss that people may experience in their lifetimes are moving to a new location, lack of communication with acquaintances due to graduating school, leaving family and home due to pursuing ambitions in other locations, and death of loved ones. While some types of loss may only be temporary, others are permanent, and the effects associated with the type of loss can differ accordingly. Some people experiencing loss may be able to easily cope while others may have a much more difficult time and encounter periods of despair and turmoil. While people may handle loss in different ways, it is important for people to embrace their emotions as long as they do not cause harm to themselves or to anyone else. There are different stages of loss, and each stage can be confronted in varying timespans. Despite the methods which people may utilize to cope with loss, there are important points to bear in mind. First, it is important to recognize that grieving is a part of life. There is no one proper way to grieve; rather, people may have their own unique ways to confront the loss they are experiencing and should allow themselves the freedom to sort through their emotions. There is also no specific amount of time allotted to grieving; people should not feel upset with themselves or guilty for taking the time that they deem necessary in order to effectively cope with their loss. Additionally, people must realize that, while they may be experiencing a difficult time in their lives, the pain associated with the loss may eventually lessen as they focus on the positive aspects of their lives. Moreover, people should understand that, although they may need time to themselves, it is important to also surround themselves with a support team, at times. Effective support teams should be there for the person grieving and be willing to listen yet understanding should the person not want to talk. Music can also prove to be beneficial to people who are grieving due to the connection which stretches forth through the lyrics of artists who discuss experience with loss.

I miss your smiles,
The way you’d laugh.
I miss the way you’d look at me.
I miss your generosity.
I miss the way you’d make me feel beautiful inside,
Like you knew all of me and I didn’t have to hide
Who I was, I could just be me,
And you’d love me unconditionally.

I miss every moment we shared together,
How I wished every minute would last forever.
I miss the gentleness in your voice,
I miss the gleams in your eyes,
I miss your quirky ways,
How you made me smile,
I miss you.
How I could be going through Hell,
But thoughts of you would make me well.

I miss your kindness, I miss the real you.
Your love encompassed me like a sky with the deepest blue.
I miss seeing you,
And I miss holding you near.
I imagine what I’d say if I could talk to you,
How I would tell you in a thousand ways that I love you.

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