Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself

Love yourself despite the mistakes you may have made, as well as through the joy and the pain.

Many times, people look for their validity in others. They attribute their worth to what others think of them. This is especially true in today’s technological age. It seems that many place their value on how well liked they are in the realms of social media. Yet, it is important for them to realize that true validation does not come from what others think, but rather from what they think about themselves. Every human has basic survival needs such as food and shelter, but we also have intrinsic needs such as the need to be honest with ourselves and appreciate ourselves. We need to be willing to take care of our entire beings, not only our physical bodies but also our soulful, mental, and emotional health. One important aspect of our well-being is the need to love ourselves for who we genuinely are. Sometimes, it may be difficult to love ourselves if we are focused on our mistakes, weaknesses, or even our relationships with others. However, we need to understand that, while we may strive to be our best selves, we can’t be perfect. It is the highs and lows of life that make us who we are and enable us to make a difference by sharing our stories of how we have overcome our struggles. For instance, many musicians have undergone many hardships in their lives and write songs about how they have been able to stay strong and persevere. These artists share how they have learned to love themselves even through their darkest days. It is imperative that we not allow our circumstances to dictate who we are and to prevent us from appreciating ourselves and our unique attributes. We each have a purpose and are worth more than we may ever know. While there are certainly days where we feel better about ourselves than other days, we need to remember to make each day count and to love ourselves unconditionally.

I gave you the best of my years
I gave you the best of me
But you stomped it into the ground
’Til there was nothing left to see
And I felt so low, so defeated, like my life did not matter
Broken bones, broken spirit, like ashes they did scatter
While I lay amongst the crumpled leaves, I heard a faint sound call

Though you be downtrodden, pull yourself together and stand tall
For your life is so much more than what others would have you think
And on this earth your time is but a blink
So I found the strength to rise from the fall
It wasn’t easy, but I answered the call
And now I’m standing stronger than I ever have before

Looking straight ahead, not to the past anymore
I know that I can persevere as long as I love myself and believe in something more than you saw in me
I know that I can be all that I’m meant to be

To give the very best of me
To be all that I am meant to be
To love myself with eyes anew
To see myself with respect and value
To live each moment with sincerity
To stand for what I believe genuinely
Then shine this truth, this love, this light
To others who are trying to fight
To make it through the world each day
Through the cold and dark, to find their way

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Love yourself
Because you’re worthy to be loved.
You are an important part of society.
You are not here by chance.
You are needed.
You have the ability to make a difference.
Your existence matters.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” – Oscar Wilde