Moving Ahead

We are living in a critical time. Fires, floods, fighting, and disease are just some of the many headlines that have been rampant within the news in the first few months of the new decade of the twenty-first century. Change is desperately needed. While there may be no immediate end to the catastrophes taking place around the world, we know that without taking any action and letting our voices be heard, the chances that the situations improve are extremely dismal. In fact, without people taking a proactive role in effectuating change, it is probable that the deplorable conditions currently confronting people on this Earth may be aggravated. To resign ourselves to the thought that we may be facing a losing battle is simply unacceptable. As long as we have the opportunity to live, we have the opportunity to use our words and actions to address urgent issues that mandate intervention. It is imperative to consider what can be done to bring a halt to the widespread chaos that is engulfing the planet in which we live and troubling members of society. Devastating events which occur on continents across the seas do not just directly affect the living beings native to those lands, but, rather, impact all members of society. Our hearts ache for those who are hurting, and we extend our deepest condolences to those whose lives have been upended, but to leave it at that would be more tragical than the situations already are. We need to unite with vision for making this world a safer, healthier, and more productive place to not only live, but to thrive. It is unacceptable to live in a world in which environmental, political, educational, and economic perils, just to name a few, are dominant. We need vision for improvement, and we need it now. We need more people who will recognize the importance of their roles in effectuating change, and we need them now. We are grateful to those who have contributed to the positive changes that they would like to observe take place within this world, and we beseech others to unite in their efforts. Making a difference begins with crucial awareness, constructive attitude, creative aptitude, and confident ambition. We must be willing to address critical matters with urgency, develop a helpful approach, ponder productive solutions, and have the determination to achieve desired outcomes. Coming together to discuss issues that mandate urgent attention, to share our visions, and to collaborate with one another is the best chance that we, as a society, have in seeing transformation occur. As it is our conviction that artistic creativity and education are the keys to transformation, we stand with the leaders, such as artists, who have made conscientious decisions to let their lights shine, to radiate with positivity, and to lead with love, moving mountains and breaking barriers along the way. We understand that every step we take will not only impact our current generation but also leave a lasting impression for generations to follow. Thus, we encourage our readers to take a proactive stance and to commit to making a difference for our generation and for generations to come. When we believe we can make a difference, we begin to live our lives in ways that are conducive to the changes we desire to see. Now is the time to live what we believe, to let the music within each of us resonate, and to extend kindness to all. We must respect the life with which we have been entrusted and use our time to show others that we care. Each moment is a treasure to be cherished and an opportunity to make a difference. Indeed, the time to let our true selves shine, to respect and appreciate our lives, to love ourselves and our neighbors, to persevere through the trials that we face, and to rise above calamities is now. We have one life to live. We have one life to give the best of ourselves to making a lasting impact. Will you stand with the many leaders who have committed their time to making a lasting change?