Our Beliefs

What Happens…

When people begin to recognize their importance and role in effectuating change?

When people prioritize the well-being of others and genuinely care for one another?

When people who have felt defeated and discouraged are reached by the power of music and begin to realize that their inner songs will provide them the strength and power needed to turn disappointing situations around and live victoriously?

When you take a world in which hatred, prejudice, and intolerance are often the norms and shine the light from messages of love, peace, and acceptance into it?

When people begin to share their stories of faith, perseverance, and overcoming with one another?

When people recognize the value within themselves and within others and work together for progress within society?

These are the questions upon which Inspire 4 A Lifetime has been founded.

We believe that every individual can make a significant impact in the lives of others.

We all have faced challenges within our lives, climbed mountains to get where we are headed, and been inspired by positive people and/or events in our lives. Yet, not only do we have the abilities to persevere through our obstacles, grow from experiences, and rise above the trials of life, but we also have inner songs and stories that, if shared, have the power to impact many lives and effectuate change within our society.

We are purposed to…

Learn from one another

Support one another

Inspire one another

Collaborate with one another

Draw from one another’s strengths

Provide guidance to help one another overcome weaknesses

We believe in the power of the arts.

The arts have a positive impact on all realms of life. Such forms of art as music are able to reach us in a way that few, if any, other mediums can and can help us find our inner strength to not only travail through life’s journeys but also to become conquerors in overcoming our obstacles and rising victoriously. Additionally, through such means as motivating us to dream of and contribute to a better future, the arts are able to help us in achieving forward progress within our society.

The arts can…

Give us the drive to press forwards and the strength and courage to achieve significant feats

Help us to not only learn from one another but to also discover more about ourselves and who we want to be

Inspire artistic creativity which opens the pathways to communication and collaboration, assisting us in sharing our stories, realizing that we are not alone, and relating to one another more effectively

Show us that we share many common aspects with others, but we also have unique attributes that we should embrace

We believe in the power of education.

We believe that education can take place not only within the classroom but also within our everyday lives as we have the opportunities to learn from our past experiences and to communicate effectively with others who are able to expand our perceptions of ourselves and of the world. As we continue to learn within our lives, we may experience such benefits as increased confidence, developed strengths, and enhanced skills which can assist us in pursuing our ambitions and creating a positive impact within society.

Education can enhance…








Open Pathways of Communication

Notice in the Value of Oneself and Others

We not only believe in the difference that every individual, the arts, and education can make, but we also believe that we must stand united in our efforts in order to achieve change in society.

Which of us can afford to see more horrific headlines of tragic events taking place – another school shooting, another suicide? Which of us can afford to ignore the cries of others who need us? How many lives must be lost before we steadfastly determine that we need to take action? While many people have been making a difference and letting their voices be heard, it is clear that we need a reformation in society where more people begin to recognize, promote, and practice the values needed to transform from a stagnant society to one in which remarkable progress is achieved. We need all people to decide that enough is enough and that it is past time to take a proactive stance in demonstrating and sharing the messages of love, kindness, and compassion. We need a unified vision for cultivating society through positive thoughts, words, and actions. We need to replace hatred with love, intolerance with acceptance, discrimination with equality, malice with kindness, belittlement with edification, egocentrism with compassion, and apathy with care. When we, as a majority of society, begin to use our words and actions prudently, prioritize the well-being of others, and take a genuine interest in the betterment of the world, we will observe improvement. It is our responsibility to be the difference that we long to see.

Which of us do not want to…

Be our best selves

Be champions in our journeys

Leave legacies for others to remember us positively

Which of us, when our journeys on Earth are complete, do not want to be remembered for the difference we have made in the lives of others?

Which of us will feel fulfilled by the possessions that we have collected on Earth, material goods that we cannot hold onto forever, rather than the lasting influence that will span the course of time?

We believe that, as we begin to unite together…

We will see reformation through heightened education and communication.

We will be strengthened by the positive impact that each person creates along their journeys.

We will spark movement and inspire people to live, love, and lead with conviction and determination.

We will establish and achieve goals which contribute to the positive cultivation of society.