Our Name

Our NameWhat’s in a name? Have you ever thought about your name and its meaning? Is it by chance that you were given your name or was it derived after much thought and consideration? For centuries, names have been more than just mere words used to label nouns. While the assignment of names is a method for identification and differentiation, names involve meaning. Have you ever searched the origin and meaning of your name? You may be surprised to discover that some of the characteristics associated with your name and its origin might describe your genuine attributes. Whether or not your name truly reflects your personality, you are a unique individual and your efforts throughout your journey in life should reflect the characteristics with which you desire your name to be associated. What is your legacy? How do you want people to remember you? When others think about your name, what thoughts do you wish they would conjure? At Inspire 4 A Lifetime, it is our desire that our name reflects our beliefs and ambitions. For example, we chose to have the first word of our name be “Inspire” as it is our desire that the information shared on our site and presented within our events provides people with motivation to remain perseverant, passion to live their lives fully, and confidence to embrace and share their inner songs, both their unique attributes and stories, in order to create positive impacts not only within their own lives and local communities but also throughout the globe. Likewise, “4 A” is representative not only of the 4 realms of overall well-being, namely physical, mental, emotional, and soulful health, to which the arts are able to contribute significantly but also the 4 principles, namely artistic creativity, academics, altruism, and advancement, on which we have centered the majority of our content. Please note that, if you are interested in learning more about these precepts, you may choose to click here. Additionally, “Lifetime” is symbolic of our beliefs that the arts and education are key factors of strength and encouragement which can assist people in living their lives in manners that are conducive to the legacies for which they want to be remembered. Moreover, our slogan, “Celebrating the Power and Passion of Music in All Realms of Life”, emphasizes our belief that it is important to celebrate the role which music plays as a source to which people can turn for guidance and inspiration no matter where they are at within their journeys. While, as a source of artistic creativity, music’s power can be found in such abilities as relating to people, helping people to discover more about themselves and the world, opening pathways of communication, assisting people in uniting in their efforts to create positive impacts, and transforming lives, the passion of music emanates from the unique inner songs of the soul that can be found within every individual and that, when shared, can serve as sources of enlightenment that provide people with the energy, drive, and determination to be themselves, strive towards their goals, and share their stories in order to inspire not only people in today’s society but also generations to come.