Our Vision




Education and Communication

An Inviting World in Which Education and Communication are Embraced

Education is Promoted through the Constructive Sharing of Information.

Learning is Cultivated through Enhanced Non-Judgmental Information.

Growth is Prospered through the Sharing of Thoughts, Ideas, Perspectives, and Opinions.

Appreciation for Individuality

A Culturally Appreciative World in Which the Importance of Being One’s Self is Emphasized

All Living Beings are Treated with Love, Value, and Respect.

People Can Be Themselves without the Fear of Being Bullied, Discriminated Against, or Treated Unequally.

People Practice Tolerance and Inclusion.

Support and Belonging

A Supportive World in Which People Feel Safe Sharing Their Experiences and Recognizing that They are Not Alone along Their Journeys

People Feel Safe Expressing Themselves in Positive and Constructive Means.

People Can Get the Support that They Need and Can Provide Support without Being Mocked, Judged, or Misunderstood.

People Strengthen One Another Rather Than Tearing One Another Apart.

Positive Climate

An Ethical World in Which Important Values that Will Help Contribute to a Positive Climate are Prioritized and Practiced

People Promote Positive Climate Components of Unity, Peace, Love, Tolerance, Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Safety, Health, and Support.

Constructive Participation

A Caring World in Which Constructive Participation within Society is Increased

People Place an Emphasis on the Total Well-Being of Other Living Beings.

Each Person Realizes that They Have an Important Role in Effectuating Change and Contributing to the Betterment of Society.

People Begin to See Themselves as the Conquerors They Are and Recognize Each Day as a New Opportunity to Make a Positive Lasting Impact.

United Stance

An Impactful World in Which People Understand the Effect that Can Be Made When They Unite

People Create Harmony through the Blending of Their Individual Songs as They Let Their Voices Be Heard and Take Critical Stances for the Betterment of Society.

People Stand United on Joint Efforts to Cease Such Practices as Hatred, Inequality, and Malice.

People Join Together to End Such Harsh Conditions as Hunger, Pain, and Poverty, as well as Improve Disparaging Environments that Can Deteriorate Health.