Our Visions

Theme & Vision

Brief Synopsis

Example of How We Address

Education and Communication: Quality Education for All Made Accessible

Affordable quality education and innovative forms of communication are made available to people throughout the world.

Free educational and motivational resources and support made available

Education and Communication: Communication Enhanced and Awareness Heightened

Learning is cultivated through the constructive sharing of information and perspectives; Issues are addressed with greater understanding and compassion.

Projects and surveys; Information on website and at events contributed by leaders around the globe

Education and Communication: Altruism and Advancement Emphasized in Education

Inspirational content that stresses the importance of altruism and advancement through positive engagement is integrated into the curriculum.

Curriculum resources

Appreciation for Individuality: Self-Discovery Promoted

A culturally appreciative world emphasizes the importance of being one’s self and encourages people to embrace their inner songs, become more in touch with who they are, and develop love and value for themselves.

Online content; Enrichment events

Appreciation for Individuality: Individuality Valued and Inspiration Welcomed

Love, value, and respect are prioritized as people encourage one another to be themselves without the fear of being bullied, discriminated against, or treated unequally.

Member Activity Journals, including posts and photos (Coming Soon)

Appreciation for Individuality: Confidence and Motivation Increased

People are emboldened to embrace their artistic creativity and individuality as they develop their leadership skills and heighten their positive proactive engagement.

Projects found within the MUSIC thematic units; Events

Support and Belonging: Encouragement Fostered through Positive Words

A supportive world is fostered through people sharing positive messages that uplift others along their journeys of life.


Support and Belonging: An Emphasis on Encouragement, Effective Leadership, and Endurance

People can get the support that they need and can provide support to others as they build their legacies of leadership.

Networking opportunities through such programs as Peer Mentorship and Endurance and Ambition Support Establishment

Support and Belonging: Sharing of Experiences Valued

People feel safe sharing their experiences and recognize that their experiences are important in strengthening others.


Emphasis on Well-Being: Total Well-Being Promoted

Total well-being focused on the physical, mental, emotional, and soulful realms is promoted through the arts.

Information presented on the four realms of health and how the arts contribute to well-being; Explore 2 Soar Initiative

Emphasis on Well-Being: An Emphasis on the Well-Being of Others

Important values, such as love, kindness, compassion, and inclusion, are prioritized and practiced, contributing to a positive climate.

Articles, activities, projects, and rallies which emphasize acts of goodness

Emphasis on Well-Being: Positive Action Prioritized with an Emphasis on Well-Being

A variety of actions which emphasize health and safety and contribute to the Earth and Earth’s Inhabitants is promoted.

Community Days through the 2Strive4th Program

Constructive Participation: Habits for Constructive Participation Developed

People are encouraged to take proactive roles in cultivating a caring world through an increase in constructive participation.

2Strive4th Leadership Camps; Achiever’s Agenda

Constructive Participation: Importance of Living One’s Legacy Emphasized

People are encouraged to reflect upon what types of legacies they would like to leave, inspired to leave legacies that would make lasting positive impacts, and motivated to form goals which contribute to legacies that would better society.

Inspirational content contributed by a variety of leaders; Progress4wards Incentive Program

Constructive Participation: Dreams Developed

People see themselves as overcomers, recognize each day as a new opportunity to achieve their ambitions, and pursue their constructive dreams with drive and determination.

Inspirers’ Interviews

United Stance: Vision and Unity Promoted

Vision for positive impact in society is elevated as people share their ideas for advancement and understand the effect that can be made when they unite.

Vision4Impact Festivals

United Stance: Constructive Collaboration Heightened

People stand united in joint efforts to find effective solutions that would advance progress and cease such practices as racism, hatred, inequality, and malice.

Cre8ed2Love Projects, such as the Anti-Bullying Project

United Stance: Diversity Is Recognized as a Key Component for Unity

People create harmony through the blending of their individual songs as they let their voices be heard and take stances for the betterment of society.

Your Rockin’ Legacy Questionnaires; Express Your Views sections found within the MUSIC thematic units

Recognize the Importance of the Arts: Importance of the Arts Recognized

People realize the importance of the arts in all realms of life, including the enrichment of education, and the benefits they provide as they relate to personal growth and leadership.

Articles; Projects; Events

Recognize the Importance of the Arts: Artistic Achievement Celebrated

People commemorate the legacies of those leaders who have created positive impacts and celebrate their innovative achievements.

Legend Ledger; Artist Birthday Wishes

Recognize the Importance of the Arts: Importance of Embracing the Moments Emphasized

People recognize the importance of embracing the moments of life and making each moment count.

Artist-Fan Interaction Showcase