Overview of Upcoming Events

Strive to Your Drive Workshops




Provide students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed academically; demonstrate how education can be both informative and engaging; and help students in recognizing their potential in striving towards their academic and personal goals

Provide all attendees with motivation as they venture to discover who they are and be themselves, relate to others and appreciate their roles in creating change, make a positive impact within society, and persevere through their journeys in life

Assist all attendees in recognizing their worth and the impacts which they can make in society through their unique traits, attaining the courage to express who they are and their vision for a brighter future, and being encouraged to unite with others in order to create significant impacts that can turn the tide from negativity into positivity


Assist educators, parents, and students in attaining and enhancing a variety of skills, strategies, and resources which can be utilized in helping students remain encouraged and successful in their academic endeavors, including achieving higher scores when taking competitive standardized tests

Provide attendees information regarding a wide array of topics, such as personal growth and leadership, through presentations; encourage attendees to realize the importance of activism and unity through a variety of engaging discussions and activities; inspire people through exciting performances; and present awards to leaders, such as students and educators, who have contributed to the advancement of their local communities

Offer attendees opportunities to connect with others with whom they may share similar visions; assist attendees, through such means as speeches, performances, and interactive activities, in recognizing that they are able to accomplish their ambitions, becoming encouraged in regards to their ability to share their visions of a better world, being motivated to participate in proactive measures, and celebrating the strides that can be achieved when people stand united in their visions to create positive impacts through the arts and education

Examples of Topics Addressed

Establishing and achieving short-term and long-term goals, with a focus on effective time-management and organization skills; executing strategic study skills; measuring progress in studies; analyzing phrasing used within a variety of questions found on standardized tests and other exams; customizing instruction to unique learning styles; overcoming learning obstacles; enriching the learning process through the arts

Discovering who you are; opening pathways of communication; understanding your role in effectuating change; serving as a source of inspiration; enriching leadership skills; overcoming obstacles & keeping a positive outlook; cherishing the moments; recognizing and appreciating the benefits of the arts and education

Enhancing your strengths; battling insecurities; effectively sharing your vision with others through enhanced communication and networking strategies; recognizing the importance of unity in advancing society through prioritizing love, kindness, and inclusion, as well as through engaging in positive measures aimed at ending such practices as racism, stigmatization, and bullying

Associated Participation Opportunities

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding our in-host educational and motivational events that we specialize in tailoring to the needs and goals of schools and organizations.

Please contact us if you or someone you know would be interested in speaking and/or performing at one of our conferences. Also, please note that we will be hosting a variety of contests.

Please contact us if you or someone you know would be interested in speaking and/or performing at one of our festivals or contributing vision boards to us so that we may display them at the festivals.