Inspire 4 A Lifetime believes that legacies of inspiration can create positive impacts that will stand strong through the tests of time. Through a variety of program initiatives, activities, webpages that invite innovation and collaboration, and articles, it is our goal to create an environment in which people encourage and assist one another along their journeys. Along with emphasizing the importance of living one’s unique inner song, we also prioritize the importance of strive in establishing lasting legacies. We invite you to explore our 2Strive4th Program, as well as our MUSIC thematic units, in order to see our vision for helping people along their paths to creating their legacies and inspiring progress within society. While we strive to make a difference, we know that there is strength in numbers and a greater probability to achieve progress when we band together and stand united. We are calling on you to help inspire progress. Together, we can join to help others know that they are loved, valued, appreciated, cared about, empowered, and victorious; we can celebrate our love for the arts and the roles they have served in our lives; we can raise awareness about critical issues that many face on a daily basis; we can show examples of how the arts have helped people to overcome; we can create sparks that will serve as catalysts to help people rise above their challenges and soar towards their dreams; and, when the storms of life come, we can help people to realize that they are not alone and give them hope and optimism. Will you consider helping us?

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