Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

Dare to be who
you’re meant to be.

Sometimes, people can be cruel. They may try to tear you apart or bring you down for reasons that are unbeknown to you. You may feel alone and you may want to scream silently, but don’t let anybody rob you of the passion within your spirit. You were created to soar, not to hide. You were created to be unique, not to fit in. You were created to be yourself, not somebody else. Sometimes, you may feel like giving up, but keep persevering. Don’t look for acceptance; rather, accept yourself. Be confident in who you are. People trying to have you conform into someone you’re not will never be satisfied. Fads come and go; what might be part of the “in crowd” today may very well not be what’s popular next month, next week, or even tomorrow. Trying to keep up with appearances and trying to fit in will only bring you down. Trying to be somebody who you’re not will ultimately make you feel hollow and unfulfilled. So, start your own trend and transform from people’s expectations. Don’t worry how others see you; focus on how you view yourself. Be proud of who you are and value yourself knowing that you are worthy of respect and consideration. Be considerate to yourself, and you will discover that those who genuinely care will love you for who you truly are. They will not try to change you. Instead, they will value you for the unique contributions you can make. It is not easy to be on the outside of the circle, but eventually those inside the circle will want to break free, too. So, be the leader that you are, despite what others say and do. Some of the greatest leaders are people who also experienced harsh treatment, such as ridiculing, but who made a decision to be themselves and stand out among the mainstream. So, rise above the challenges and make your mark. You will find peace and contentment in being yourself.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When it seems the world around you has got you knocked off of your feet,
Don’t despair in dismay; don’t you wallow in defeat.
Just take a look around and see the beauty that awaits
For those who rise above the fall, for those who see beyond the gates.
There will always be somebody who tries to knock you down,
Tries to take your beautiful smile and turn it into a frown;
Critics, haters, backbiters seem to lurk around,
But you’re stronger than the naysayers so stand your ground.

Don’t conform to the limitations that others set for you,
But listen to the victor in your spirit exclaiming that you can make it through.
‘Cause you’re more than you think, and you’re more than you know,
And when you stand strong, then the whole world you will show
That to the pressure you will not cave in,
But, rather, you are on a steadfast course to win.

You wake up to find yourself somewhere that you do not belong. You are at a crossroads. You can either excuse yourself from that place and leave, but you take the risk that others will find out that you do not belong and will treat you differently, or you can pretend like you do belong and try to conform to the expectations of the group. Which path will you take?

Tips for Dealing with Peer Pressure

  • Realize that you are meant to be a trend setter, not a conformer.
  • Recognize that there is beauty in being unique, and that you have special talents and abilities which are unique to you. Determine to make a difference through your unique attributes.
  • Understand that people who care about you will accept you for who you are and encourage you to be your best self.
  • Before you decide to do something that you may regret, understand that all decisions have consequences, and think about the outcomes of the decisions you will make. Consider how the outcomes may affect your ability to accomplish your long-term ambitions.
  • Do the right thing. How do you know what is right? The right decision will be that which assists you in ultimately being proud of who you are and in contributing beneficially to society through making a positive difference.
  • Heed advice of those who have been able to successfully combat peer pressure. Music can be a key advocate as it may encourage you to stay true to who you are.

You may be trying to make your heart hollow,
But you were not made to give up or follow.
You are called to rise above the flame,
And you are created to give honor to your name.

Suggested Songs

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