Physical Health

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Taking care of our physical bodies is one of the most important activities that we have to do on Earth because it is the physical body which houses the mind, the heart, and the soul, and it is the well-being of the physical body that plays a significant role in how we are able to function daily. People who do not take care of their physical bodies may often become sick, lethargic, or easily hurt. Many chronic illnesses are often affected by how we take care of our bodies. Additionally, bearers of weakened bodies may often feel stressed or easily overwhelmed. Yet, in the hustle and bustle of life, we may forget to take the time to care for our bodies. When something seems to be functioning well, it can often be overlooked, and other priorities may take control. If we feel well, we may not take the time to consider the proper upkeep of our bodies, but it is extremely important. We cannot be afforded the opportunity to start worrying about our bodies once something starts going wrong. It is vital for our well-being to make wise decisions with regards to eating, sleeping, and maintaining our strength and endurance. There is a plethora of information about caring for ourselves in all of these areas. Despite our perceived limitations, we must first bear in mind that taking care of our bodies is a conscientious decision. We must be willing to make the right choices which will help promote our well-being. Moreover, we must form these decisions into a healthy lifestyle.


Exercise is an essential component of physical well-being. Although some people tend to neglect incorporating routine exercise into their lifestyle due to various reasons, it is imperative that exercise is performed regularly as it assists people in developing and maintaining their strength and endurance. Additionally, when combined with proper nutrition, there is no substitute for routine exercise because the two work together to yield benefits that cannot be matched. Not only physical health but also mental, emotional, and soulful well-being can prosper through nutrition and fitness. Increases in focus, motivation, perseverance, stamina, self-esteem, and positive morale are just a few of the many benefits which can be reaped through a healthy lifestyle which includes both proper nutrition and routine exercise. While people may be concerned about the time consumption and effort involved with workouts, there are a number of ways to incorporate fitness into everyday life.

Illnesses and Impairments

Physical impairments and illnesses may serve as hindrances to engaging in practices that would promote physical well-being. Yet, it is important, at all times, to be health conscientious. While a wide array of physical impairments and illnesses exist, and their onset can vary significantly, people who experience difficulties with regards to their physical health may still choose how they will allow their struggles to affect their perspectives of life. The likelihood of negative outcomes that may be associated with what appear to be disabling problems can be overturned with a positive outlook. There have been many people who have decided to not let their impairments or illnesses limit them from having ambitions and accomplishing their goals. Disabilities do not have to be inabilities; rather, they can serve as motivating factors to prevail victoriously through life’s journey. Determination and focus, as well as a willingness to see life optimistically, are key. With a positive perspective, negative circumstances can become testimonies of faith and perseverance.


When considering physical health, it is critical that proper nutrition be addressed. Proper nutrition involves incorporating balanced meals into an everyday schedule and eating healthily to keep the body functioning properly and to maintain strength. Additionally, through the intake of the adequate amount and types of vitamins and minerals, the body can be more effective in developing a defense line to ward off illnesses. Yet, the difference between proper and improper nutrition affects more than regulating bodily functions and maintaining an efficient immune system; it also affects people’s inner strength, perception of themselves, and outlook on life. For example, proper nutrition may provide people with the energy to confront each day, assist them in thinking clearly and concentrating on their goals, and give them the stamina to persevere and overcome challenges. Contrarily, a lack of proper nutrition may cause people to feel tired, unenergetic, unfocused, and unsure of themselves. Eating appropriately is a choice that is important in contributing to a healthy lifestyle and to attaining positive short-term and long-term benefits.


A significant factor in maintaining physical well-being is attaining adequate rest. While the amount of rest needed per person may vary, obtaining sleep is vital as its benefits can help people feel refreshed and prepared to accomplish the tasks required within their everyday lives. When people are able to sleep for a sufficient amount of time, they may additionally notice that they are more alert and capable of making more informed decisions. To the contrary, when people have been deprived of receiving an adequate amount of sleep, they may feel weary, irritable, lethargic, and unable to focus on the activities at hand. They may also be more likely to suffer from illness due to a weakened immune system. Although some people may find it difficult to find the time to sleep, it is essential that they do so as it can help them be more effective in achieving their goals.