Practicing Acceptance

Practicing AcceptanceThrough the arts, many of us learn how to embrace our feelings, to know who we are, and to accept ourselves. A significant quality of the arts are that they are often composed by artists who are willing to be raw, to reflect upon their situations, and to share what is on their hearts. Because artists often share themselves genuinely, we not only relate to many of the creative works, but we also may feel like we can accept ourselves. Acceptance involves appreciating ourselves for who we are and what we can achieve. It is acknowledgement, not stagnation. It is viewing the present realistically, not idealistically. It is knowing what the current situation is, but it does not mean that the situation can’t be improved. Acceptance does not imply that we need to live with the situation. For example, people with learning disabilities do not need to live in defeat; rather, they may be able to take such measures as adjusting their methods of learning until they rise victoriously. Additionally, people may accept the fact that they are anxious, but it does not mean that they cannot discover means to help them effectively deal with their anxiety; instead, it merely means that they are realistic about their struggles. When we are accepting ourselves, we are viewing ourselves as being adequate and worthy of love and of success, but we still need to take the steps that will lead to that success. Progress still needs to be achieved, but through the confidence that we find by accepting ourselves, we may be able to successfully accomplish our ambitions.

Acknowledge your presence.
Consider your purpose and possibilities.
Care for yourself.
Embrace the fact that you are needed.
Prioritize positive methods that will assist in increasing your self-confidence.
Turn negative circumstances around.
Admit that it is okay to make mistakes.
Notice your strengths and unique abilities.
Come as you are; don’t try to be someone else.
Establish your goals.

You have the right
To be recognized,
To be appreciated,
To stand for what you believe in,
And to be yourself.
The battle can be daunting.
You may find that people are often critical,
But stand your ground.
Be who you are intended to be.
Love yourself.
Appreciate yourself.
Know who you are.
Be kind to yourself and to others,
And expect the same in return.
Don’t give up.

I am an individual meant to be heard, meant to be seen, meant to be loved, meant to be respected.
I have dreams, visions, aspirations and goals that are not meant to be overlooked.
I am unique, and I take pride in the eccentricities that make me who I am.
I will stand with my head held high, courageously embracing each new day and fearlessly pressing towards the future.
I will love myself and others unconditionally, firmly believing that love is the power that makes the impossible possible, that motivates positive action, and that helps people stand united.
I will sing my song because it is my heart and my soul, a genuine part of me.
I will not sway when faced with calamities but will stand firm knowing that perilous times are only for a season.
I will dance amongst the raindrops and see the rays of sun through the stormy clouds.
Through both the ups and downs of life, I will stand strong,
And, when others seem to lose their way, I will help them know that they are not alone.
I will be the difference that I desire to see in this world.

Stand brave and tall, and be who you are.
You are not meant to be stagnant but meant to go far.
Live your life with confidence in what you believe;
You have a voice to be heard and a legacy to leave.
Don’t give up; Don’t give in; Know that you matter.
Be fearless, be true, and let the fears of doubt and dismay shatter.

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