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While we have steadfastly worked on creating a website that we believe will bring people together, will inspire people to take positive action, and will help people to realize that they are not alone on their journeys through life, we are continually looking for ways to grow and to keep our site users interested in viewing new content. We welcome suggestions as to how this site can be improved or further cultivated with regards to a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, activities which may be added to Achiever’s Agenda; songs which may be added to suggested song lists; new featured topics; and quizzes, games, trivia, polls, and surveys in which our visitors may be interested. We appreciate any and all feedback which you choose to provide to us, and we request that you please keep in mind to be specific in the description so that we can better consider your suggestions. Thank-you again for your time and for being an integral part of our site.

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