Pursuing Your Dreams

Live Your Dream

The one thing that you hold onto
That makes your heart sing
That shines through you
Your passion, your love
That gift from above
Embrace it, Pursue it, Breathe it
Because each day matters
Because your opportunity awaits
Because time on Earth is too precious
To waste without doing what you love
So dare to live
To pursue your ambitions
To make your mark
Now is the time, today is the day
Love yourself, believe in yourself
And trust in the power of your dreams

Follow your heart wherever it may lead
It’s the only sure way to succeed
Because anything else will not feel right
Will leave you with an internal fight
And you’ll never have the joy and peace
Until you learn to listen, aim to please
Your heart and what it’s telling you
It will be your guide, it will stay true

Everyone has a dream, a certain situation in which they would like to find themselves in the future. Dreams may be found in many forms and can include such goals as meeting a favorite musical artist; receiving a degree; attaining a certain profession; purchasing a new residence; and raising a family. Despite what you may have heard, almost every dream is possible to attain as long as you are dedicated to accomplishing it. When you are passionate about your dreams, your passion will serve as your guide and motivation to overcome the challenges standing in your way. Not only do your dreams matter, but they may also help you recognize your values and choose the path that you take throughout your life. Additionally, while on the journey of achieving your dreams, you may begin to understand how you can use your unique abilities for the betterment of society. It is, therefore, important that you discover your dreams and reveal your passions so that you can begin setting on an expedition that may change your life and help improve the world.

“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” –

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A dream originates from a passion, and among the most passionate people that we will ever encounter are artists. We can learn significantly about how to successfully follow our dreams by listening to the stories of artists who inspire us to pursue our ambitions. Many artists are confronted by numerous obstacles on their paths to share their artistic talents with the world. Being a renowned musician, for example, is more than possessing the remarkable talent to play an instrument or the powerful voice to sing unforgettably. It involves inner strength, steadfastness, and a wide array of supplemental skills, a few of which may include writing, producing, marketing, traveling, conducting meetings, and participating in interviews. Artists are continuously striving to invent and reinvent themselves as they welcome new discoveries, embrace their inner voices, and express themselves through their creative works. The challenges entailed in creating and sharing their artwork are often numerous and continual, and they can be can be highly demanding, as well as physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Yet, artists choose to travail through the pathways to their dreams because sharing their artistic talents is their passion, because they desire to make differences through their creative works, and because following their dreams assists them in feeling fulfilled. While some artists may lack the support of their family and peers who may not be able to comprehend why they would be willing to invest their time and resources into their ambitions when they may not be compensated, for many artists, devoting themselves and their resources into their artistic creativity is more than what they can get out of it; it is their purpose, their motivation, their drive, and their lifeline. The dedication and commitment of artists teach us many important lessons, such as that following our dreams may be very challenging and requires perseverance. We must believe in who we are and possess the tenacity to follow our ambitions. When others don’t seem to understand or support us in our visions, we must have the strength to be confident in ourselves and our goals, and we must be fearless through our willingness to overcome the hurdles which we encounter. There may be times that heavy loads seem cumbersome and that we may feel like giving up, but we must recognize that following our passions is the way to gain true victory in life. Passion is the fire of the soul that keeps raging and gives us the drive to strive towards our purposes. Despite hectic times which we encounter, there is a serenity in knowing and working towards our lives’ ambitions. Additionally, as the determination of artists often reap rewards in terms of the legacies that they leave and the impacts that they make, we must all realize that, when we are steadfast on our pathways to following our dreams, we will also inspire others to have the courage to dream and the willingness to pursue their passions.

Pursuing Your Dream

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” –

Vincent Van Gogh

Living your dream begins with loving yourself and understanding that you are worthy to be loved. Sometimes the most difficult thing you can do is to believe in yourself. You know yourself best; you’re the only one who has walked in your shoes. You’ve seen your weaknesses, your failures, your disappointments, things you wish you could have changed. You’ve felt the pain of letting yourself down, and you may have stopped giving yourself a chance – a chance to walk, a chance to run, a chance to fly, a chance to let yourself dream. But, have you given yourself a chance to forgive yourself, to accept yourself, to recognize your value, and to live with confidence?

Live with refreshed perspective

Immerse yourself in the fullness of each new day

Validate your ambitions with vigor

Excite within yourself the passion to follow your dreams


Create new frontiers; surpass your limitations

Overcome your fears

Undertake the greatest challenges with confidence

Recognize your worth, your importance in this world

Aim towards the stars

Give yourself a chance to show yourself what you can do

Earn respect for yourself through your commitment and perseverance

Offer your best in all that you do

Use your talents to strengthen yourself and others

Stay focused but also remember to stop to take in the moments

Love yourself despite any mistakes, any weaknesses

Yearn to make each day the best because you are not promised a tomorrow

Hi. It’s me again
Pulling at your inner heart strings,
Filling your inner soul with longing.
You have tried to forget about me,
to shrug me off, to let yourself think that I will disappear,
But I have patiently waited for you to remember me, recall the passion that I excite in you, rekindle the fire that once burned so strongly.

Like a custom-tailored garment, I am made specifically for you, and no one else can envision me like you do.
You have seen me when no one else could, you have let me touch you in a way that only you would.
In the stillness of the night, you have seen me, and in the passing thoughts of the day, you have called my name.

I am nothing without your action, without you breathing life into me.
I long for you to stand by my side, to hear me pounding with every heartbeat.
I am your dream.

When others don’t believe, I still need to be me.
I’ve got a voice to be heard and passion waiting to shine brightly.
I can’t hide what I was meant to do, can’t wonder from day to day
What could’ve been if I followed what I knew to be true.
So, I’ll follow my heart, no matter what it takes,
And I’ll rise above my obstacles, above any mistakes.
I’m going to live with no regrets by being who I am and staying real.
I’m not going to let others dictate how I feel.

Each next breath is yours to explore;
You just need to be willing to open the door.
What will each step hold in store for you?
You may never know if you don’t see it through.
So be courageous and strong; take the chances that await.
Take hold of the future; it’s not too late.
Make every day count, each moment a memory
So that you can feel what it’s like to truly be free.

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