Ready for Class?

As you contemplate enrolling in our online classes, please consider the following guidelines:

Before Attending the Online Classes

1. Select classes that meet your educational objectives. If you are not sure of the educational objectives that meet your needs or if you would like more information regarding online learning, then please consider registering for and attending a PLAN FOR SUCCESS webinar or contacting us at More information regarding these webinars can be found here.

2. Plan on being prepared for the classes by having the appropriate learning material, which will include a notebook and writing utensil. Please note, occasionally, the instructor may ask you to bring supplemental material to the class, such as a ruler or protractor, necessary for effectively approaching the objectives of the assignment which have been specified by the instructor. If additional material is needed, a note will be posted at least one week in advance on our website under the class heading.

3. Attend the class at the assigned time, if applicable, and, if you experience any difficulties as you enter the online class, please let us know.

During the Online Classes

1. Study attentively. Try to avoid distractions as much as feasible by studying the lesson in a place where you can focus.

2. Take effective notes. The instructor may use a variety of visual mediums in order to emphasize key concepts, and you are encouraged to write concepts with which you may be unfamiliar or concepts for which you could benefit from additional review into your notebook. If you believe that you could benefit from a free webinar which emphasizes time-management and organizational skills, including such key factors as effective note-taking, please contact us at

3. Participate in the discussion when opportunities arise. There may be times throughout the online class that the instructor asks students to participate in the discussion in order to promote such objectives as broadening perspective and assessing comprehension of the subject material. Engagement in the classes may occur through a variety of ways, such as sending messages via online communication, participating in polls or surveys, or speaking via video chat. While participation is not mandated, it is encouraged as students may find their collaborative efforts to be educationally rewarding.

4. Be ready to learn. Students are encouraged to enter the classes with an eagerness to learn and an ambition for success. Students who are not ready to focus on the content of the lessons or who are prone to act in a manner which is unconducive to learning should not attend the classes as their unproductive conduct could distract others from achieving their educational objectives. Should the instructor find that a student is habitually acting in uncooperative manners which thwart the objective of learning, then the student may be asked to refrain from entering the online classes.

5. Ask questions. Should you have any questions regarding the content that is presented in the classes, you may ask your questions through online communication during the classes. We will attempt to answer as many questions as feasible.

After the Online Classes

1. Review your notes, and create any organizational material, such as flashcards, that will help you in the review process of the content.

2. Assess your understanding by completing the supplemental activity that the instructor may assign in correlation with the concepts taught within the class.

3. Write any questions that you may still have after studying the concepts, and send them to