Realizing Your Impact

Realizing Your ImpactIt’s in the still sound of the passersby. Almost everywhere we turn, there seems to be a looming cloud – a cloud of uncertainty, despair and discouragement. Many people no longer know where to turn or who to trust, and there seems to be no way out of the hovering storm. So why should we invest our time, resources, and energy into trying to change a future which seems to be grim? While it may be easier to give up, if we do not try, how will we ever truly know if we could have made a difference? Are we ready to throw our hands in the air and surrender to the storm, or are we willing and ready to fight for the future because one thing we can be assured of is that the future is coming? The future doesn’t start next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow; the future starts now. Every moment is a new opportunity to make a difference, to let our voices be heard, and to take a stand for something in which we believe. We may each only have one voice, but, with passion and perseverance, it can create a resounding clamor which cannot be ignored. A ripple in a sea of sounds can prompt others to chime in. Before we know it, those voices blend to create a change in the tide that is strong and powerful enough to form a more positive future.

A hero is someone who takes the time to not only notice the needs of others but also to care about the needs of others.
A hero will not be stopped by what may seem impossible but will be unstoppable in helping others no matter how bleak the circumstances may look.
A hero may not always feel brave but will act brave, nonetheless, in order to accomplish a task.
A hero will have the courage to stand when others may be falling, to speak out when others may seem to lose their voice, and to surpass the boundaries when others may be stagnated.
A hero is optimistic, determined, and focused.
A hero will find the strength to not only persevere, even if they don’t directly see the end in sight, but also to overcome.
A hero works in the present in hope for the future.
We all have the opportunity to be heroes. Will you choose to be a hero today?

I only have one life to live.
I only have one voice to give,
So, I must make the most of each day
And stay true to what I believe; there’s no other way.
I must let my light shine, let my song resonate
Before time’s passed and it becomes too late.
I was created to make a difference through each action and word.
With love and kindness, I will let my voice be heard.
I’m going to be the light that people need to see.
I’m going to give the very best of me.

Questions for Consideration

  • What situations or circumstances do you believe need to be changed, and how will these changes benefit you and other members of society?
  • How can the changes be achieved?
  • What are some of your strengths, and how can you use them to contribute to making the changes?
  • When you contemplate how you are able to help bring about the desired results, what aspects do you recognize as being in your power and what aspects are out of your control?

Live like it’s your last dance.
Love like it’s your last chance.
Don’t leave each moment up to circumstance.
Listen to your heart, and take a stance.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

Suggested Songs

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  • Eyes of the World – Grateful Dead
  • Fight Song – Rachel Platten
  • One Voice – Billy Gilman
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  • Ride The Wave – Cosmos & Creature
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