Serving as an Inspiration


What is inspiration, and why is it important?

Translated literally to “to breathe into”, inspiration is what causes us to live, try, persevere, and overcome. It is to the soul as air is to the body as, without inspiration, we often lose the will to try.

When do we seek inspiration?

Inspiration is necessary within each facet of everyday life.

What benefits are associated with inspiration?

Although we may not all find inspiration from the same sources, the results that ensue from discovering our inspirations often are similar and help transform our lives for the better. For example, when we feel inspired, we may find ourselves feeling empowered to make our own choices towards a better future, despite any hardships that we have faced in the past. We may also realize that we are able to persevere when faced with adversity, due to our knowledge that we are not alone and that others have overcome similar struggles. Furthermore, our newfound greater self-confidences and beliefs in our talents and unique gifts may help us in our journeys to accomplish our ambitions. Driven to make a difference within this world, we may also choose to spread the positive vibes that inspiration has provided us and, while doing so, serve as sources of inspiration for others. Consequently, inspiration is of great importance within our lives as it will assist us in gaining the motivation to continue working diligently and to thrive to be our best selves.

How can we can serve as sources of inspiration for others?

Powerful and passionate songs that can make a tremendous difference can be found within every one of us. These are known as the soundtracks of our lives, and they are meant to be shared as they can provide others with encouragement, lift others up when they need it, and light the way for others. Through choosing to share these songs with others, we can inspire for a lifetime and make this world a better place. In a society in which hate, prejudice, haughtiness, and fear can be found, we can spread pure genuine love. In fact, it may be that our lights and passions are what help others gain the confidence to persevere through their struggles and become the leaders that they are meant to be.

Why should we aim to serve as sources of inspiration?

As we make the decision to spend our lives achieving our ambitions and motivating others to do the same, our soundtracks will be the celebrations of lives which may not be perfect but create a lasting impact.


“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.” – Robert Schumann

Every flower that blooms with vibrancy and longevity starts with tiny seeds
Every action that makes this world better starts with single thoughtful words and deeds
You have the power to make a lasting impact – through every breath, through every act
What you say and what you do can create a change, can kindle a fire
So invest your life in making a difference and be the one to inspire

Seek To…

Ignite the flame by sharing your story with others.
Navigate through life’s journey, and become an example of inspiration.
Serve others by being a leader and a helper.
Purpose to make a change and be the difference.
Illuminate the way for others to shine the light of positivity.
Reflect on the progress of how you overcame your adversities.
Encourage and support others in sharing their experiences.

Words to Describe Inspiration

Inhaling – Translates to “to breathe into”

Noticing – Noticing the music within you and understanding your role in society

Sharing – Sharing the soundtrack of your life with others

Persevering – Pressing on through the challenges in your life with optimism

Initiating – Using your life to serve as a spark in lighting the way for others

Reaching – Extending yourself to others through your words and actions

Appreciating – Being thankful for the large and small victories in life

Trusting – Knowing that you have the ability to create change

Impacting – Encouraging others to never give up through sharing your story

Optimizing – Taking each opportunity in life to grow

Never Quitting – Realizing that each day brings you a new opportunity to achieve your goals

Suggested Songs

  • Be A Light – Thomas Rhett ft. Reba McEntire, Hillary Scott, Chris Tomlin, and Keith Urban
  • Because You Live – Jesse McCartney
  • Bonfire Heart – James Blunt
  • Ever Since the World Began – Survivor
  • Flying Without Wings – Westlife
  • Waiting for Lightning – Cheryl
  • When I See You Smile – Bad English