Strive to Your Drive Workshops:
Striving for Excellence through Informative and Engaging Approaches

As one of our core beliefs is that, no matter one’s background, quality education should be readily accessible by all who desire to strive towards their drive, we are pleased to announce that we have chosen to host workshops worldwide in order to assist teachers, parents, and students in attaining a variety of strategies and resources which can be utilized in helping students remain encouraged and successful in their academic endeavors, including achieving higher scores when taking competitive standardized tests. Since we seek to provide students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed academically, demonstrate how education can be both informative and engaging, and assist students in recognizing their potential in striving towards their academic and personal goals, we have chosen to integrate the following topics within each of our upcoming workshops.

Goal Planning & Implementation

Implementing Effective Time Management

Motivation In Learning

Building Confidence

Effective Studying

Benefiting from Strategic Study Skills and Organization

Assessment & Achievement

Measuring Progress

Test Taking

Sifting and Sorting through a Wealth of Information for a Variety of Classroom and Standardized Exams

Fostering Focus

Enhancing Concentration through Studies

For a list of sample topics which may be addressed within these workshops, click here.

In Addition, We Emphasize The Importance Of Pursuing A+ Direction Through:

Strategically Executing Effective Study Skills
Understanding the Keys to Effective Education
Creating Short-Term and Long-Term Goals for Advancement
Confidently Striving towards Your Ambitions
Energizing Yourself Daily through Renewed Motivation
Supporting Academics through Innovation
Staying Inspired through Communication and Collaboration

Defining Your Own Success
Realizing Your Strengths
Investing Time into Studying
Validating Your Efforts through Assessments
Endeavoring through Obstacles
Networking and Benefiting from Supportive Services


Our instructors have had extensive experience in education, spanning from being homeschool educators; public and private school teachers for students in middle and high school, as well as college; tutors for students across the country; and curriculum writers. They understand the importance of education and desire to assist students in achieving their ambitions. Within their careers, they have had great success in helping students become motivated in their studies and reach their academic goals through such means as providing test-taking strategies as well as knowledge on how to enhance their skills in a variety of academic courses, including all core subjects. Below are just a few of the many comments which our instructors have received from their students.

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