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We know that many people are hurting, unemployment is at a record high, and people are facing many unprecedented challenges. Finding solutions to attain quality education should not be one of those challenges. Therefore, we are determined to provide assistance to as many people as possible through offering free instruction and resources to help people of all ages strive towards their educational goals while building their confidence and drive. It is our goal that such initiatives as our upcoming Strive4Learning Online Classes, as well as 2Strive4th Leadership Camps and other events designed in conjunction with the Strive4Learning Online Classes, will serve as assets in helping people develop the courage and confidence to take a stand against such crucial issues as racism, stigmatization, and bullying; lift their voices; creatively devise strategies not only for confronting today’s challenges but also for leading us into the future with hope and optimism; and create long-lasting positive impacts through love and kindness. The courses offered will include all core subjects and a variety of electives, and they have each been designed to correlate with weekly themes that focus on such topics as embracing one’s leadership qualities, remaining dedicated to proactive engagement, and heightening collaboration. For more information regarding our classes, please click the informational buttons.

August 26th-27th:  Orientation

September 8th: Classes Commence

September 11th: 2Strive4th Rally

September 25th: Challenge Yourself Leadership Rally

October 29th: 2Love4th Rally

October 30th: Activism Rally

December 4th: End of First Trimester

December 18th: Holiday Celebration

January 8th: Challenge Yourself Leadership Rally

January 26th: 2Strive4th Leadership Event

February 12th: 2Love4th Rally

March 19th: End of Second Trimester

April 16th: Challenge Yourself Leadership Rally

April 30th: Spring Formal

May 21st: 2Love4th Rally

June 25th: End of Third Trimester

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  • English (Composition, Creative Writing, Grammar, Language Mechanics, Library Skills, Speech, Spelling, and Writing)
  • Math (Fundamentals of Math, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry, Business Math, and Calculus)
  • Reading & Literature
  • Science (Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  • Social Studies (Civics & Government, Economics, Geography, US History, and World History)
  • Arts (Applied Arts and Fine Arts, including Music)
  • Career Education (including Business and Technological Literacy)
  • Health & Safety (including CPR and Fire Prevention)
  • Physical Education
  • World Language

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