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Submit ContentAt Inspire 4 A Lifetime, we believe that we all travail through different trials in our lives and each have our own unique journeys and perspectives. Through exchanging information regarding our experiences with one another, we are able to not only gain insight that can assist us as we progress within our lives but also serve as an inspiration for others as they proceed on their paths. We have created this site with a vision of having an interactive learning environment in which people inspire each other through the stories, poems, and reflections that they share while focusing on how the power of music has positively affected their lives. It is our hope that our site visitors will choose to submit content to us that we can post in order to assist one another in continuing to persevere despite the obstacles and hardships which they may be encountering. Although we have discussed many topics within our site, we understand that there is a wide array of situations which our visitors could have experienced or be experiencing and that a topic based on what they would like to contribute may not yet be posted onto our site; it is important for these visitors to realize that any content which they could provide regarding the topic would be greatly appreciated as we seek to regularly add new topics to our site. Likewise, other visitors may find a topic which is similar to what they are seeking but to which they could provide further commentary, and we, too, would be thankful for this information. We encourage all of our visitors to contribute what they can about the topics and/or situations which they may have personally experienced or which are close to their hearts. For example, content contributors may have been personally affected by tragic incidents that they have encountered and wish to share how they have been able to persevere through the power of music. We are also appreciative of any content that our site visitors choose to submit that convey a message regarding a general positive experience with the arts, such as emotions felt when listening to some of their favorite songs. We invite our content contributors to convey their messages through a variety of media, and we currently accept any form of writing, such as poems, short stories, essays, and song lyrics, as well as images, such as drawings or graphics. We request that all content submitted is the contributor’s own personal work and that the contributor abides by the Terms and Conditions of our site. Additionally, please note that all images should be in the format of a JPG, GIF, or PNG and their individual sizes should not exceed 3 MB. While we do not guarantee that all submissions will be posted within our site, we will make reasonable attempts to post as many submissions as possible.


  • Art is not confined, and neither should be your topics. We invite you to convey whatever positive messages that you can share to uplift others through such forms as writing and imagery.
  • Be encouraging and genuine.
  • Use your gifts to make a difference, knowing that what you say and do matters.