Survey: Inspiration

Directions: Please write a well-formatted response to each of the questions found below.

1. What does inspiration mean to you?

2. Name three sources from which you have drawn inspiration and explain how have they served as motivating forces in your life.

3. As you reflect upon the sources of inspiration in your life, what are three characteristics that the sources share in common and do you believe that these attributes have contributed to the impact of inspiration?

4. Why do you believe that the arts are effective in inspiring people?

5. In which way do you seek to inspire people through your journey?

6. In which ways have others inspired you through their journeys?

7. Do you believe that it is important to have an effective support network, and, if so, why?

8. Name three fundamental ingredients that you believe are needed for a support network to be effective.

9. Why do you believe that it is important for people to be kind to one another?

10. In today's social media age, do you believe that the need for inspiration has heightened, diminished, or stayed constant? Why?

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